Monday 28 November 2011

Weekend Eats 5

These weekend eats posts originally started off as me trying to document all the experiments that go on during the weekend when I actually have time to get a little creative. What they've actually highlighted is the fact that pretty much every weekend without fail we eat the same gluten free stuff.

This is good in one respect, it means that I've perfected these meals to our liking and they're so good that we want to keep eating them. On the other hand, these posts should have been called My Randomosities. Hey ho, there's still lots to write about.

Hello to those of you from Ukraine, my stats tell me that you have been visiting often. Vitayu! (I do hope that is Ukrainian for hello and not some form of insult *insert an awkward smiley face*).

I'm loving the fact that squid is available from the fish counter at Tesco again and not those piddly little squid tubes either, big, fat whole squid that melt in the mouth when lightly sauteed. Letting my other half loose near the fish counter is questionable though, whilst I was looking for food bags, he was purchasing sea monsters. The bag of squid presented to me weighed what felt like half a stone and was labelled £14 something. There were two squid in there!

When I got home I saw the extent of how large those beasts were. Put it this way, I could quite easily make myself a set of squid bangles and possibly a necklace from the widest end of them. No doubt they will be delicious though and floofy cat will be pleased as she has developed a squid addiction. She's always been classy.

I made Italian style meatballs, which I still need to perfect, they're good, but I could make them even better. I think it's possibly that the outdoor reared pork that I'm using is just a little too lean, but it's got an amazing flavour so I still need to think about that one. Accompanying the meatballs were my tremendous tomato sauce (I didn't coin that) and rice noodles.

A while ago we had the meatballs with Tesco gluten free spaghetti, I have to say, the rice noodles are way better. They're a great alternative to spaghetti or tagliatelle. I'm not ready to post the meatballs recipe as I still think it needs tweaking, but I'll post up the tomato sauce, it's simple but a great alternative to anything from a jar.

Other meals were predictable, sauteed squid, prawns and potatoes, Quesidillas and red pork. 

A casserole containing, corn fed chicken, carrots, courgettes, aubergine, spring onions and mushrooms was made overnight in the slow cooker, my body is at least getting some vegetable goodness. Putting into bags and freezing (I don't know if I have room) shall commence.

Something that I'm really looking forward to is a lovely long weekend and one meal that I know for sure I'll be having is my much adored cheese fondue. I can't tell you how much I love that meal. Free From G does lack photos sometimes but that is going to be one blog post that is certified as food porn.

Here's to a good gluten free week.

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