Thursday 3 November 2011

Nakd Infused Raisins - Gluten Free Goodness

nakd infused raisins
Nakd Infused Raisins
Yet another great gluten free discovery and another that I've only been able to get at Asda. These are not only super delish but one little pack is 1 of your 5 a day. There's nothing artificial in these just sun dried raisins, citric acid and natural flavour.
I could only get 4 flavours as the rest has sold out (they were on special at 4 packs for £1, bargain!). As you can see there are cherry, lemon, pineapple, I also got to try the cola flavoured ones which were equally as lovely as the others I've tried. There's also orange and lime.

I was sure that on the cola pack I had seen mention of packed in a factory that uses gluten, or words to that effect, but I can't see it on any of the other packs. Anyway, I asked Nakd about this and this is what they told me on Twitter:
All our raisins are packed in an area that also handles gluten. The packaging lines are thoroughly cleaned tho before+after.
I've been having Nakd bars for ages without any problems so I was willing to trust that the cleaning was enough. I've since had several packs of Nakd Infused Raisins without any problems at all. If you want a healthy gluten free snack with a twist, try these, they're yummy, good for you and only 75 calories per pack.

You can also get them online

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