Thursday 10 November 2011

Gluten Free Chicken Goujons With A Twist

gluten free chicken goujons
Beautifully Breaded Chicken Goujons
Gluten free chicken goujons have become a bit of a Saturday lunch favourite and whilst they've always been yum, last week my OH came up with a bit of a brilliant idea to make them even better. He gets total credit for this.

We were thinking about brining the chicken before breading it, but what my husband to be came up with was a triumph of simplicity and taste. You may have seen my post about Owen Potts Quick For Cooks range, if not it's here. We just popped open a pouch of his Chicken, Thyme and White Wine Gravy and marinated the chicken pieces in that overnight. Taste sensation!

I served the chicken goujons with chilli potato wedges and mozzarella squares (also breaded), so I just used 1 chicken breast for this as the breadcrumbs are pretty filling. Quantities are easily adapted to make more.


1 free range Chicken Breast
Hale and Hearty Breadcrumbs
1 large Egg
1 pouch Owen Potts Chicken, Thyme and White Wine Gravy (don't use all for the marinade if you want some as a dip)
Vegetable Oil for frying
pinch of Salt

  • Cut the chicken into goujon strips and put them into a container with the gravy
  • Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours
  • Get two containers or bowls put the egg in one and beat with a pinch of salt, put breadcrumbs in the other (you can easily add more egg and breadcrumbs as you go)
  • Get a few pieces of chicken and put them into the breadcrumbs, shake until covered
  • Put them to one side
  • Repeat until all the chicken is breaded
  • Now put a few pieces of the breaded chicken into the egg making sure the chicken is fully covered
  • Put them into the breadcrumbs and shake until covered
  • Put to one side
  • heat a large pan of oil on high (or use a deep fat fryer)
  • When the oil is hot enough get a batch of the goujons on a slotted spoon and place carefully into the oil
  • Cook for 2 minutes (cut one open to make sure there's no pink left)
  • Drain on kitchen paper

Usually when breading things you would of course use flour, but in this instance, the breadcrumbs stick to the chicken perfectly due to the gravy marinade. The second breading is optional but I tried it both ways and the goujons that had the second breading were far crispier and held together better.

If you miss KFC like I sometimes do, try this recipe. It doesn't have the same flavours and it isn't battered, but it is a lovely fried chicken alternative. The gravy marinade is what makes this taste gorgeous. If you used to enjoy the chicken gravy from KFC, heat up the left over gravy and use as a dip. It's a bit more refined that the KFC gravy flavour, but personally, I prefer it.

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