Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hale & Hearty Gluten Free Breadcrumbs

There's something incredibly comforting about breaded foods. The crispy outside with a softer filling, it's a great combination. I've experimented a lot with gluten free batters and breadcrumbs, and I've had a few disasters. These breadcrumbs by Hale and Hearty are amazing, if you've been missing out on breaded foods or want an easier option than making your own, these are definitely worth trying.

We've successfully breaded onion rings, button mushrooms, chicken goujons, prawns and squid. The Hale and Hearty breadcrumbs are a lovely flavour, they smell delicious and they create a wonderful crispy coating that goes a lovely golden brown. We've also successfully used these to make gluten free chicken kiev's. EDIT: And Gluten Free Chicken Goujons

Tip! Coat your food to be breaded in gluten free flour first, then beaten egg, then the breadcrumbs. Repeat the egg and breadcrumbs steps a few times and you'll have a gorgeous breaded coating that stays put when cooked.

I'll let you in early on a family 'in joke' that I will no doubt mention from time to time: All Purpose Crumbs.

Whenever I mention All Purpose Crumbs I'll be writing about a food that is to be avoided at all costs. This is gluten free food gone real bad, a disgusting substitute for breadcrumbs that is inedible if you have working taste buds. Does coating your food with 100% brown rice sound better than gluten free breadcrumbs, I don't think so! That was a disgusting, disaster of a meal right there! I just wish I had photos.


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