Thursday 7 October 2010

Gluten Free Pork Burgers

gluten free pork burger
If you want a really moist, juicy burger that is full of flavour and with no dodgy ingredients, this is a winner.

Bit of a tip, rather than moulding the burgers by hand, using an egg ring is a really great way to get perfectly shaped burgers that don't fall apart. You simply place the egg ring into the hot pan and spoon your burger mixture in. Then you pat it down with the spoon and add more if needed. After about 30 seconds the base of the burger will be cooked enough so it won't fall apart, then you can remove the ring from the uncooked burger and repeat the process. I actually use two at a time to speed up the process.

Egg Rings: UK / US

You don't have to use an egg ring to make burgers, but it does save on the messy hands and the mixture not binding as well as it could.

On to those juicy burgers!

Makes around 5 good sized burgers if using an egg ring.


500g Pork Mince
1 Medium Onion
4 Garlic Cloves
Gluten Free Oyster Sauce
Garlic Salt
Sesame Oil

  • Peel the onion and garlic and use a mini mixer to turn them into a paste. You don't want any hard texture to this, it needs to be smooth. (A pestle and mortar or cheese grater can also be used but it's time consuming and a little like too much hard work. We found out the hard way!)
onion paste in mini chopper
Saves So Much Time
  • Place the pork mince into a container and mash with a fork so that the strands of mince get broken down into more of a smooth stuffing-like texture.
seasoned pork mince burger mix
About To Become Something Amazing
  • Add the onion and garlic paste to the pork and mix evenly.
pork mince onion paste burger mix
Mix Evenly
  • Add a teaspoon of garlic salt and around 4 tablespoons of oyster sauce and stir.
  • You might need to add more oyster sauce, you'll know if it is enough when the pork mince goes from pink to light brown. If adding more, add a tablespoon at a time, you don't want the mixture to be runny.
pork burger mixture
Burger Mix
  • Pop the burger mixture into the fridge for at least 10 minutes.
  • Heat a frying pan to high and add enough sesame oil to cover the base for shallow frying.
  • Place the egg ring into the hot oil and spoon your burger mixture in, patting it down as you go.
  • By the time you have a full ring of compact burger mix, remove the ring and repeat the process until you have no room left in your pan. I can usually get 4 burgers in to begin with.
  • Cook on each side for 6 - 8 minutes.
  • Remove from the pan and place on kitchen paper to drain any excess oil.
gluten free pork burger
A Moist and Juicy Pork Burger
  • Serve!

You can serve these up with so many different side dishes, it's a really lovely burger flavour that works well with many things. Who said gluten free recipes had to be boring?!


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