Monday 4 October 2010

Welcome To Free From G.

Hi, I'm Lee and I'm a Coeliac, I also love good food.

There won't be lots of mentions about coeliac disease the illness on this site, no medical stuff, just loads of great posts about great gluten free foods and gluten free recipes, with some other cool stuff thrown in for good measure!

If you want to eat delicious gluten free foods that don't taste gluten free (i.e. flavourless!), this is the place for you. Just because we're coeliac's doesn't mean we can't eat well, we can, we just need to get a bit more creative.

If you are on a gluten free diet, food never has to be boring, just safe. If you happen to have a pepper allergy, you're in luck, because so do I! Nothing that I cook contains pepper and it isn't missed, I have loads more safe herbs and spices to cook with. My food is far from bland!

Thanks for stopping by at Free From G, hopefully you'll be back for lots of great gluten free diet foods and recipes to come.


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