Wednesday 12 September 2012

Tesco Gluten Free Pizza

tesco gluten free pizza
I Really Like The Packaging
Leading up to the big move we popped into our small local Tesco and found this. Now this small Tesco is say about a quarter of the size of our usual one, maybe even smaller and not only did they have gluten free pizza but they also had corn fed chicken breasts that we haven't been able to buy at the big Tesco for months. Makes no sense to me but hey. Still no sign of the DS Gluten Free Pizza but we jumped at the chance of trying Tesco's own.
I'm not a fan of plain food as you will know if you have read any of my recipes, so extra toppings were called for. This is how the pizza looks naked:

tesco frozen gluten free pizza
Decent Amount Of Cheese
The one complaint that I have is that there isn't enough tomato sauce on the base (we've had 2, both the same). Not a problem though, I mixed a little tomato puree with some olive oil, sugar and some Italian herbs and made my own which we spread on top.

It's been a mad, busy time with our move, so I don't recall the exact cooking time or what toppings I used but I'd say it was around 14 minutes for a fan oven and I used onion, chicken breast and extra cheese as the toppings. Probably some mushrooms too.

pizza cooking
Looks Like There Was Some Fresh Basil Added Too
I fried the extra toppings in a little olive oil before adding them to the pizza, minus the extra cheese of course.

This is how it turned out:

tesco gluten free pizza with extra toppings
That's A Sexy Pizza Right There
I have to say both me and my 'able to eat gluten eater' thought it was delicious. The base is worthy of a good roll around the carpet going Mmmmmmmmmmmmm*. The base is beyond great and I have to commend Tesco for that, it was crispy and just, well the best gluten free pizza base I have ever come across.

I think that £2.50 is totally reasonable for these pizzas, even though the original topping is quite basic. I like to put my own topping on anyway so that doesn't affect my thoughts on these pizzas at all. I highly recommend that you try these - if you can get your hands on one! Hoping to find them in our usual Tesco a week later we found nothing but I would be willing to make a special trip just to stock up when I have the time.

Overall I will say that Tesco gluten free pizza is a bit special!

In other news, I finally have my new gluten free kitchen and though still surrounded by lots of boxes, things we need to find places for and a huge amount of washing, I'm really in the mood for creating some new gluten free recipes. Watch this space!

*We currently don't have a sofa and potentially won't have for another 3 weeks unless the delivery gods take pity on us.

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