Tuesday 25 September 2012

Tesco Gluten Free Pizza Bases

tesco gluten free pizza bases
Packety Pack
We were hoping that seeing as it said new recipe on the pack, that it would be the same base as the new frozen pizza we had picked up a few weeks before. Just not frozen, obviously!

The bases seemed a little on the small size so we used both but decided on slightly different toppings for each.

I made up a tasty tomato base with tomato puree, olive oil, basil, oregano and sugar and we slathered the bases with it. Then I fried an onion, streaky bacon and Mattessons Smoked Sausage separately and we topped both with the onion, one with the bacon, one with the sausage. Both had Mozzarella and Emmenthal.

The instructions on the pack said to put on a baking tray but with hindsight I wouldn't, I'd put it straight onto the oven rack (providing that it's clean and free from gluten). As we were cooking both together they wouldn't fit into our worktop fan oven so we put them into the big non fan oven. I'm still not that familiar with how this thing works as the dial has illustrations on that I'm not that savvy with. I ended up cooking it from both top and bottom which was a mistake, the top was done before the base had time to crisp.

gluten free pizza
Not My Finest Work
The bases needed more cooking time and to produce the proper crust I would definitely put onto an oven rack rather than a baking tray, let the heat circulate. Overall I would say that the base of the fresh version is the same of that of the frozen, which is a really good thing. With proper cooking and a bit more time spent on the toppings I'd say that these bases would make exceptional gluten free pizzas.

gluten free pizza slice
Mini Slice!
I initially thought that the two bases wouldn't be enough for the two of us as they were pretty small but the thing I loved about the overall size was how tiny the slices were, I love miniature, picky food. Turned out that two was more than enough for the both of us as we couldn't finish. Gluten free food is so deceptive in that way, it's remarkably filling.

I'd definitely buy these Tesco pizza bases again, I'd just cook them differently.

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