Friday 28 September 2012

DS Gluten Free Salami Pizza

ds gluten free salami pizza
Exciting Moment For Me!
If you read yesterdays post you will know just how excited I was about finally getting to try the DS Gluten Free Salami Pizza. I was like an excitable child! I mean just look at the photo on that packaging, it's pizza heaven. I think even my lovely gluten eater was a bit excited too.

I couldn't wait to rip the box open and see what it looked like, so I did! I tore at the side of the box which actually took some doing and and I pulled the long awaited pizza out...

ds gluten free frozen pizza
What The F...?!!!!
You know that moment when two people look at each other and say nothing? That was one of those moments. All I could think of was the previous Free From G post saying how excited I was and how I hoped it wouldn't be a let down. Well, as you can see, it was!

After much swearing on my part and a bit of a giggle because I just could not believe what I was seeing, my beloved rearranged the salami so there would be one piece per slice. I commented that we would not be buying one of these again.

All was not lost, we'd just add our own toppings, so I sliced up some smoked sausage and cubed some mozzarella and it looked quite decent prior to going into the oven.

gluten free pizza extra toppings
On the box it said to let the pizza defrost for 10 minutes prior to cooking which we did, we probably stared at it in shock for at least 3 after it came out of the box. We preheated the oven to 220C then popped it in for the 8 minutes cooking time.

8 minutes wasn't enough, we had to set the oven for a further 4.

gluten free pizza
Not bad Considering How It Had Looked
I was quite pleased with the result, I mean, we had to do something to it, we couldn't just leave it as it was, these toppings were just fine by me, it actually smelt lovely.

gluten free pizza slices
By This Stage I Was Ravenous
As the pizza slicer cut through it there was the most gorgeous aroma, but it wasn't the toppings. With hindsight it was that gorgeous smell that you soak up when you walk past a pizza place, that lovely cooked dough smell. The reason I didn't realise at the time was because no other gluten free pizza base has ever smelt like this and it's been a hell of a long time since I had regular pizza. My sense of smell had just forgot.

Now pleased with both look and smell it was finally time for the taste test. I had a good feeling about this pizza despite it's original tatty appearance.

gluten free pizza pie
Oh. My. Gosh.
The DS Gluten Free Salami Pizza costs £3.30. After taking it out of the box I thought what a rip off, I love DS products but they've got it so wrong this time.

After ONE bite, just one, I was reminded of that old saying "never judge a book by its cover". The photo on the box was totally misleading, the pizza in its original form disappointing. The taste?

F&@£%*$ amazing! 

Forget the toppings for a moment this pizza is ALL about the stone baked base. I've written a lot about gluten free pizza bases recently and they've definitely improved since a year ago but this one, this is head and shoulders above any gluten free pizza base that I've ever had.

My gluten eating other half said that it was as close to a gluten made base as it gets and from memory I totally agree. It was crispy at the outer edges but so pliable everywhere else that you could just pick the slices up and fold them. It had that lovely smokey stone baked taste that now makes all the other gluten free bases seem very floury and bland.

Prior to trying this pizza I thought that Tesco had nailed it as that was the best gluten free pizza base I had tried to date but not now, this is by far the best gluten free pizza base that I have ever tried. If I had to rate this against the Tesco pizza I'd now give Tesco a 5 out of 10 and this a 9. That's how evolved this gluten free base recipe is in comparison.

Though somewhat lacking, the salami deserves a mention. It was lovely and spicy but there should have been plenty more! The tomato sauce was barely discernible and I didn't notice the original cheese but those factors are probably because we put our own toppings on, well we had to didn't we?!

I would buy this pizza again purely for the base and do the same again with the toppings. At least next time we won't get a sparse topping surprise. This pizza was a lot like Eliza Doolittle before Henry Higgins came on the scene, a bit of a tatty mess but with a some care and attention it ended up as a bit of a star.

Have a fun weekend!

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