Monday 24 September 2012

Claims For Gluten Poisoning - Is It Possible?

I've been in conversation with an online friend and fellow coeliac about this subject for a couple of years now. As coeliacs, do we have any rights concerning being glutened, either when eating out or when consuming products that are incorrectly labelled as gluten free at home? 

Do we just get a "Oh, it wasn't us" or as in my case a "We're so sorry" and a goodie box containing loaves of bread due to pass their expiry date in a day or two?

I know nothing about the law, except for hopefully how to not break it but when I noticed an ad showing on Free From G today I wanted to know more. It led to here.
 At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we are specialists in such claims. The Principal Solicitor of the Firm has first hand and family experience of the condition and therefore understands in detail the suffering, inconvenience and distress that gluten poisoning can cause. We genuinely believe that only personal experience can provide the necessary background knowledge to get the best possible outcome in both compensation and necessary apologies from the offending person, organisation or company.
All I'll say is that I've been glutened by a so called gluten free product and I know that there are many, many others who have too, both at home and when eating out. If this were to put a stop to businesses not taking the whole thing seriously, then I am beyond interested.

If a business has to pay compensation for wrong doing and let's face it, HUGE wrong doing in terms of our health and future health then this company have my full attention.

If anyone has anything to add please comment.

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