Wednesday 26 September 2012

Mrs Crimble's Double Choc Brownies

mrs crimbles chocolate brownies
Mrs Crimble's Know How To Make Brownies
If you're a Free From G follower then you will know that I absolutely adore Mrs Crimble's as a brand. They've been a staple for me since 2009 and I've mentioned them countless times on here, always in a very positive light as is deserved.

I've mentioned these in passing before on Free From G but they're so good that I decided they should have their own post. 

Needless to say two weeks running, two packs running. Weight gain? Oh probably. Happy taste buds? Definitely!

First off, to save any inevitable crumbs, I eat them straight out the pack with a teaspoon. I'm refined like that. What I love about these brownies is the richness of the chocolate and the cocoa powder, it tastes very good quality. There's almost a slight bitterness to it that just strikes me as a high end flavour.

mrs crimbles gluten free brownies
Brownie Close Up!
These are one of the reasons that I've never got into gluten free baking, I always joke that I just can't bake, when in actual fact I just can't be bothered, I've never really tried. Well, apart from a romantic gesture that was meant to be a chocolate heart shaped cake for my beloved, that was a bit of a disaster but aside of that, baking and me have never hooked up. I find that there is more than enough good gluten free sweet treats available so I don't feel the need to better them and try and make my own.

Were I to have any negative comments about these brownies there would be just one. The brownies could be slightly more moist. Not that they're at all dry, but a little more squidge would make the consistency perfect in my opinion.

As far as gluten free sweet treats go, I'll happily have my teaspoon at the ready!

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