Thursday 13 September 2012

Ze Move

I wouldn't have blogged about this for probably a long time, if ever as it's not that interesting and I'm pretty much fine stomach-wise, but it's late, I'm awake and I truly have found this move the most stressful long term experience of my life.

I'm intuitive, I know things. I can't explain, but the one thing that my mum gets about me is that. I just know. People, places, happenings, they're all just feelings that hit me headstrong and I can't surpass them. I can't suppress them either.

I knew in Feb of this year that we would have to move. I just KNEW. I'm a creature of stability and this knowing that just wouldn't leave me carried on growing until I was proven correct in June. The day before my boyfriend flew off to South Africa for a holiday with his family. He was fully aware of all that I felt about the situation but still, he went. Even after the letter confirming all I had feared.

I had Wimbledon, what better than my Wimbledon! It's my favourite time of year! I saw my (I don't quite know how to describe Andy), my brilliant younger bro were I to have one, reach the final and tears flew. For tennis has always been a passion and though it got sidelined by music for very many years, it's always been my absolute passion in hobby speak.

Andy Murray didn't win this time round, but the emotive speech, the things about him that I have been trying to relay for so long. He did it. Forget the silly teenage comments, we've all been there. We've ALL been total silly f*****s. His got played out on the word stage, and let's not forget, it was about football, f****** football. Take the Olympic and Paralympics athletes and then say football is important.

We moved in on the 3rd I think, it was such a huge job, we still had to clean upstairs which was never as nice as down here when we moved in. Take a couple madly in love who just want to be together, we took that apartment on the spot. I'm not knocking it, it was happy and filled with love, but what we have now is SO much better.

That apartment will always be in my heart as it's the first place we ever lived together. But here is so much better, it just has that nice vibe, no noise, well no noisy noise for starters, I will tell that true tale about upstairs one day. It will make a good read, trust me ;) Don't know if you're watching that new Dallas, but I can match that easily with my neighbours tale. Soaptastic!

I am sat amongst boxes and clean washing (I hope!), the sofa is coming soon. There are lots of things that need homes and I want to bath but there is no hot water. It's all good though, seriously good.

Andy, my would be little bro won a Gold in London and he won the US OPEN!!!!!!!!!!! Do I have the right to be proud???!! Don't care. WELL I AM. I'm absolutely made up for him. Marry Kim Andy, marry Kim.

And All Was Right With The World.

P.S. BT are idiots

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