Monday 24 September 2012

Frozen Goodies And Coconut Woes

I was going to do a product review today but I'll save that for tomorrow, today I'm going to focus on the bewildering realms of the Tesco frozen aisle.

Around this time last year I got mad at Tesco for pulling their DS Gluten Free frozen range and replacing it with Genius products. I'd got used to having pizza again and an odd chicken and mushroom pie and to have those taken away and replaced by something which was harmful to me was annoying. We didn't bother with the frozen aisle for quite some months then I got an email from DS saying that they were available in Tesco and more recently we got a booklet full of free from vouchers, including frozen DS products.

As you'll read if you click on that last link, despite all the green lights that Tesco were stocking DS frozen products, they weren't.

During an impromptu visit to another Tesco we found their new own brand gluten free pizza so on our regular shop we started to check the frozen aisle to see if anything had changed. Nothing, not even their own brand so last week we ended up with Tesco pizza bases from the free from aisle (that will be the review for tomorrow).

This Saturday just gone we did the usual check and found a curious sign where the gluten free frozen section had previously been, it was something like 'the free from range has now moved to freezer number 18'. Could it be?! Had there finally been changes, would there be DS products?!!!

tesco frozen free from section
Two Whole Shelves Of DS! Plus Pizza Underneath The Freezer Doors.
The first thing I thought when I saw the new free from frozen section was HA!!! No Genius, NONE!!!! If only for a brief moment I felt like I had won a long battle.

My freezer now contains 2 frozen Tesco pizza bases (large), a pack of DS gluten free Chicken and Mushroom Pies and the icing on the cake, the Bonta d'Italia Salami Pizza! I can't wait to try that. I would have loved to try the DS Tortellini but alas it had pepper in it.

Tesco had no regular Vita Coco again this week, so instead of going without (not a chance after the way I felt last week) we got one mixed with pineapple, the only other Vita Coco option. To say that I wasn't looking forward to tasting it is an understatement. Now, I love coconut water and I love good pineapple juice but combined I knew that as soon as took my first glug, that the horrific childhood memories of a family party and that of the resulting hangover would come flooding back.

I was 12, my cousin* thought that getting me drunk would be funny. My parents were there but as it was this certain cousin they didn't seem to take much notice. Malibu and Pineapple juice. Lots and lots of Malibu and Pineapple juice. It tasted sweet, sweeter the more I drank. I don't recall anything more of the party, firstly because I was drunk and secondly, 12 was quite a long time ago. What I do recall is my mum holding my the sides of my head against the head rest of the front seat from behind on the way home. I wasn't sick.

So for the sake of my overall health I've been drinking coconut water laced with pineapple puree and I think thanks to the old cliche that time is a great healer, it's not been that bad. At least there's no Malibu. To this day if you put Malibu near me so I could smell it, I would throw up. If you did this knowingly, I would throw up in your direction, preferably all over you. An evil, evil beverage in that innocuous looking bottle.

*That cousin is 21 years my senior.

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