Thursday 27 September 2012

Prewett's Chocolate Bourbons

prewetts chocolate bourbons
Biscuit Heaven
I've been eating a lot of sweet things lately which is a bit unusual for me but as I'll probably be back in full on savoury mode soon I might as well make the most of it.

I've had Prewett's Chocolate Bourbons a few times since being gluten free and they never disappoint. They're a full on chocolate rush that consist of a chocolate biscuit, chocolate filling and milk chocolate coating. A chocoholic dream.
See how thick these biscuits are?!

gluten free chocolate bourbons
More Than A Mouthful
Even in cold weather there is no eating these without getting messy. As soon as you pick one up the chocolate coating starts to melt and rapidly covers your fingers in the thick chocolatey goodness. It's not a complaint, it actually makes the eating of one of these bourbons into a bit of an event, and let's face it, at 126 calories per biscuit each one should be savoured.

These are one of the better gluten free biscuits that I've tried, a really luxurious chocolate treat that is utterly indulgent and worryingly moreish. Available at Tesco.

After months of waiting I'm finally going to get to try the DS Gluten Free Salami Pizza tonight. I've been tempted to open the box and have a look at the toppings but I've refrained. I figure I'll wait and take photos for a review tomorrow, or rather the lovely gluten eater will probably do it, he's way better at making stuff look good. 

It's been such a long wait, I do hope it's a good as I'm expecting. Prior to trying the new Tesco gluten free pizza  DS was the only ready made pizza I'd had since being gluten free, now I've got something to compare it to and I just hope that it lives up to my high expectations. Time will tell!

Back tomorrow :)

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