Wednesday 29 August 2012

DS Gluten Free Pizza - Where Art Thou?

I had given up on having DS Gluten Free pizza after the whole DS frozen range was removed by Tesco and replaced by an (in my opinion) inferior brand last year. Then out of the blue I got an exciting email in July that made me very happy. Here's an image from that email:

ds gluten free available at tesco
Oh Really?
Yay for being able to buy DS Pizza again!

Small problem.

My rather huge Tesco does not stock any frozen DS Gluten Free items. This is the extent of the frozen free from section:

tesco frozen free from section
DS Gluten Free, Where?
Funny thing is that last week I was sent a free from booklet from Tesco highlighting all the brands they sell, there were money off vouchers and sure enough there was a page dedicated to DS Gluten Free. Result! They must have them in stock now, right?!

I decided to Tweet Tesco to find out.

Me: Hi, just been sent some free from vouchers but most of the items aren't stocked at my store Gallions Reach will they be?

Tesco: Oh no, sorry to hear this! Which items are you looking for? I'll check Gallions Reach for you!

Me: DS gluten free pizza in particular. The DS frozen range disappeared about a year ago. Thanks for your help!

Tesco: They do have them in stock on aisle 8.

Me: Thanks!

The next morning I go to aisle 8 and as suspected no DS Gluten Free to be found. I got the email from DS Gluten Free on July the 4th, as of last Saturday that photo shows what the Tesco frozen free from section still looked like.

My OH found a guy who was stocking the freezers and asked about the pizza. Here in tweets to Tesco is what happened (following on the conversation from the previous night):

Me: Couldn't find the GF pizza in aisle 8 so asked employee. He told me they have them in stock but I wasn't allowed to have one. ?

Tesco: I'm sorry to hear that. What reason was given for this?

Me: He just said that he wasn't allowed and that although they had the stock they wouldn't be selling it until next month.

Then I sent them the photographic evidence above.

Tesco: Hm, it may be that they are not on the systems yet, but I will look into this for you.

Tesco: I'll get that double checked with the store, it could be that it hasn't been added to their till systems yet.

Me: Would be good to know when the new stuff is available, thanks.

Haven't heard anything since Saturday. 

What I'm thinking is, they've had the stock since July and it's still out the back? That's wonderful for the shelf life of goods, even if it is frozen.

Will I ever be be reacquainted with a DS Pizza? Only Tesco has the answer. I'm not in the mood for supermarket hunting rounds.

2 days until a new gluten free kitchen! Will be funny if we do finally get a GF pizza this week as regular pizza was the first meal we ate when we moved here. Good times!

UPDATE 28/9/12: DS Gluten Free Pizza now available at Tesco. Read my review here.


  1. Hi, Michelle from DS-gluten free here. We are aware of this situation in some stores and we've been trying to rectify this situation as soon as possible with Tesco but your post and photos will really help us, so thank you so much. It's great to hear that you're a fan of our products and we do hope the products will be available for you soon!

  2. Hi Michelle, lovely to hear from you. I am a huge DS Gluten Free fan so this is great news. Can't wait!

    Thanks for the comment :)


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