Thursday 16 August 2012


transform a snack
Blast From The Past
It's been a while since I last blogged, mainly due to the fact that it has been an incredibly stressful time these past few months. I've not been coming up with any new recipes and I haven't found anything new and exciting to report back.

To be honest, after changing over my twitter account, I really haven't thought much about gluten free life at all, I've just been living it on autopilot and doing a damn fine job it seems. I feel very normal.

The reason life has been so stressful is the reason that I discovered these gems from my childhood today. I've been at various retail parks buying furniture for our impending move and on one of them was this huge intriguing shop that bore no recognisable name. It was a hotch potch of all manner of goods, foods, drinks, home wares, stuff for the garden, toys, but unlike a supermarket as the prices were incredibly cheap.

When I was a kid this type of crisp were referred to as 10p crisps because that's how much they cost. I recall eating them as a teenager but after that they disappeared (Tangy Toms were another favourite of mine as were Space Invaders). The last time I ate these the price has steadily risen to a grand sum of 30p but still I always knew of them as 10p crisps.

It's been a considerable amount of years since I last saw a 10p type of crisp for sale anywhere, but lo and behold, this really huge random shop without a proper name had them! In multipacks, for 99p!!! I've never seen these kind of crisps in mutipacks. 

Was purely nice to see them again after so long, I didn't dream that I could actually have them. On close inspection of the ingredients though, it was clear that I could! I've eaten 3 bags so far today.

So if you were a fan of Transform-A-Snack's when you were younger and happen to find them on sale, they're gluten free and just a bit yum.

EDIT: If like me you can't find them in your usual shopping haunts you can buy them from Amazon. Those are the spicy flavour that I found today they are definitely gluten free. They also have Pickled Onion, Cheese and Onion, Beef, Flaming Hot and Saucy BBQ, but as I can't see the ingredient list I don't know if the other flavours are safe. If anyone reading does know, please leave a comment.

As I am no longer incredibly stressed I'll blog if I find anything of interest to write about. It's all about moving right now, not much foodie stuff going on at all.

Fabulous Thursday.


  1. If you are near a Wilkinsons they also now stock these


  2. I've never heard of Wilkinsons but I'm off to Google, thank you!

  3. I have cheese and onion ones and they are gf as well


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