Friday 27 April 2012

Well Yesterday Was A Bit Special

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Magical Sweets
As a child who had nothing more than Meg and Mog and The Worst Witch to fuel my love of all things magical back then, my inner child was spoilt rotten yesterday. Kids of today seriously don't know how good they've got it thanks to writers who let themselves get carried away with magic and monsters, I could only have dreamt about these stories when I was a kid.

Ok so these days I should be more True Blood than Harry Potter but I'm not. I think True Blood is exceptional, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Shape Shifters, Faeries, all my thing. But Harry Potter has Hogwarts and if the imagery conjured up by the books isn't enough, the films seal it forever.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the studio tour and wow, major wow, it is truly AMAZING.

If I haven't grown out of my love for all things magical or monsterish by now it is never going to happen. What surprised me looking around at the other people there were the amount of couples, from teenagers to 70 somethings. Harry Potter truly does seem to ignite the imaginations of all ages, and I think that's lovely. It also made me seem quite normal for a change!

For anyone planning on going to the tour, you are in for an amazing day. There is so much to see and do, even if you're a passing fan. For someone like me who gets so caught up in the magic of it all, you won't believe your eyes. I'm still a bit mind blown by the entire experience, I don't think that feeling will ever pass.

I flew a broomstick across London and remote parts of Scotland, I may have also flown in the Weasley's Ford Anglia as the passenger along the Hogwarts Express track. For a little girl who for years had a Wendy House full of magical paraphernalia and a designer evening gown customised into my witches dress, yesterday was a bit special indeed. She and I both had a magical time.

Thank you BG x

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