Wednesday 25 April 2012

Little FFG Update

The Bacon Bomb was a success! However my lovely photographer has the photos (plus many others for posts) and wants to do some kind of wizardry to them before they are deemed worthy for publishing. If you like chilli, you will really like this Bacon Bomb, it was a bit indulgent. Post coming next week.

Unfortunately it seems that the last habanero incident wasn't a one off. I only put a small one into the chilli but man, it got me. We're officially no longer chilli pals and that saddens me because I love the flavour. I didn't even think the chilli was hot!

Anyway, I am in an incredibly excited mood due to our visit to Leavesden tomorrow. A little magic would be very much welcomed.

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Yes I'm A Big Kid!
There's a great recipe post coming tomorrow, not one that I created but one that the man of the house did. It's a taste sensation!

Lots more gluten free recipes coming.

Piff, Paff, Pooof!

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