Thursday 26 April 2012

Smoked Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites

cheese chicken and bacon bites
Bacon Bites
No shellfish?! Nope, more bacon!  This is a really quick and easy take on the bacon bombs and let me tell you, they are amazing!!! I had nothing to do with the creation of these, the Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites are 100% my OH's invention and they're seriously good.

You of course don't have to smoke these, you could pop them under the grill, but they won't be anywhere near as nice. The smokiness is what really gives these the edge, they're delicious! Well done to my Man :)

This made 11 Bites. You'll need skewers.


1 Chicken Breast (corn fed all the way here)
Streaky Bacon (half a rasher per chicken cube)
130g Gouda
Chilli Pepper (one pinch per bite)
Sugar (one pinch per bite)
Maple Syrup (optional)
Fresh Lime Juice (a squeeze per bite)
Pecan Wood Chips
Bourbon Soaked Oak Wood Chips

  • If using wooden skewers, put them in water so soak for a few minutes
  • Cut the chicken into 1" cubes
diced chicken breast
Corn Fed Chicken
  • Cut the bacon rashers in half
  • Remove skewers from that water and pat dry with kitchen towel
  • Wrap the bacon around the chicken so the edges overlap and thread it onto the skewer at that point
bacon bites on skewers
So Easy
  • Repeat until all the chicken is covered with bacon and the bites are on the skewers
  • Sprinkle each bite with a pinch of chilli powder and sugar
  • Cut the gouda and leave the piece whole
  • Make a tray with tin foil and put the gouda into the tray
bacon bites and cheese in smoker
Smoked Gouda Is The Best
  • Smoke for 15-20 minutes
how to make bacon bites
It Gets Better
  • Slice the gouda in half and lay across the bites
cheese chicken bacon bites
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Seriously, They Are So Tasty
  • Squeeze the lime onto the bites and serve
bacon bite
Cut Through The Cheese And Remove From Skewer
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This is a lovely recipe, but unless you are going to smoke the bites, I wouldn't bother. The smoking process is what makes these amazing, smoked gouda is one of our best discoveries yet. Sure, if you grilled them they would be nice, but nice doesn't really cut it here, I want full on amazing flavours.

I love picky bits most when it comes to food, so these appeal greatly. I have an idea for some future posts on that theme, so stay tuned if you like them too.

I'm a serious fan of smoked foods and I'm a serious fan of just how simple it is to smoke food at home. It's SO easy and the results are mouth watering. There's a stovetop smoking tutorial coming soon for anyone interested. If you aren't already familiar with smoking food, you'll see just how ridiculously simple it is.

Today is the day that The world of Harry Potter calls!

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