Monday 23 April 2012

Weekend Eats 10 - Shellfish Free!

It's been a while since there's been a weekend eats post, mainly due to the fact that I've been posting the recipes of everything that we've been eating pretty much straight away due to having the photos ready, but also because we don't just share gluten free meals on weekends now, we eat gluten free together every day so there's lot more experiments going on during the week.

This weekend however, there were a couple of meals that weren't documented for stand alone posts, but I wanted to share them anyway as they were just so lovely that I wanted to relive eating them!

Saturday lunch involved bacon (no surprises there!), chicken, cheese and smoking (or with those either). It was the second time we had made this meal and the recipe is ready to go out, I'm just waiting for the gorgeous photographer to supply me with the mouth watering photos from the original experiment.

This time we tinkered with the recipe but it didn't need it, the first creation was far superior. Sometimes it really is best to keep things simple. Original recipe coming soon, it's easy to make, simple ingredients but with bags of flavour. It looks pretty cool too.

Saturday night's dinner was beyond tasty, we had poussin which we hadn't had in a long, long time. I brined it in a mixture of water, salt, capers, lemon, honey and lemon thyme.

poussin brining
Poussin In The Brining Pot
After brining I stuffed it with more lemon thyme, lemon and tarragon and we smoked it with pecan and cherry wood chips. We then put it in the oven to finish it off and served it with twice cooked Jersey royal potatoes and asparagus. Oh, I also made a bit of a fabulous gravy from the cooking juices.

It's funny writing about such a refined meal on Free From G, because you don't often see food like this on here. It's not that we don't eat foods like this, nor that I'm unable to cook 'posh' meals, it's just that I like the challenge of taking on a typically gluten filled recipe and adapting it, so that us gluten free people can still enjoy the stuff we used to. I love making gluten free comfort foods. 

Nothing needed to be adapted here, it's a naturally gluten free meal that anyone can make. I highly recommend that you do, it's amazingly tasty!

Sunday saw a very late but lovely brunch of pancakes, maple syrup, bacon and scrambled egg. I seriously think that my gluten free pancakes are head and shoulders above what my regular flour ones were. These are light and fluffy and... well I think they're perfect. When we grill our bacon now, we always use a weave, it's so space conserving in our little oven.

Sunday dinner was our old favourite, Chinese style ribs. We use our stovetop smoker so much and it's lovely playing around with the different flavours of wood chips to see what you end up with. If you like smoked foods then a stovetop smoker is an ideal addition to any kitchen.

So that was our weekend eats, It was lovely to have poussin again, oh and I must give a special mention to the cheese fondue from Friday evening, it was divine, there's no other word to do it justice. I love experimenting with flavours and textures, but for me, our cheese fondue is the ultimate meal of comfort. Sometimes the most simple things really are the best.

4 days and counting until I get to be a total child. In public :o

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