Thursday 5 April 2012

Our Ever Evolving Kitchen

I don't know quite how it's happened but recently I've realised that I now have a 100% gluten free kitchen! That makes me smile.

During our time living together our eating habits have changed tremendously, when we first moved in together I was a vegetarian and had been for 2 years, he was a steak fiend. We rarely used to eat the same meals and looking back I absolutely hate the idea of that.

I don't know why but leading up to our first Christmas together I started to get mad cravings for a traditional Christmas dinner, so that's what I had, vegetarianism when right out the window. I think at that stage we began eating the same meals at weekends.

Then I got sick.

Then I went gluten free and life was sunny again. We would share gluten free meals at weekends.

Then, I really stepped up my game in the kitchen and somewhere along the line we began to eat gluten free together every night.

What never really occurred to me until now is that the person who I share a home with has gone gluten free for me. Not only gluten free but I also don't eat any red meat, he's stopped having steak at home too.

You know what? I've never said thank you.

I've only just realised what a lovely thing that is that he has done.

Not only do we now eat together every day but we also cook together.

I have been incredibly stupid at not realising any of this until now. I swear that the gluten free diet gives me blinkers.

So I would just like to say (whilst everyone else averts their eyes):

Thank You Baby. Having a 100% gluten free kitchen means so much to me. I love sharing meals with you and cooking is way more fun when you're doing it with me (that possibly reads back wrong). I feel incredibly lucky and I love you more every meal we share. Here's to lots more gluten free experiments!

(OK you can look now)

The cynic that I never knew I had in me is thinking, you know what? Your gluten free food is better than most foods with gluten in, so maybe it isn't a sacrifice at all, maybe the gluten stuff he eats at lunchtimes just isn't as good as your gluten free cooking at home and that's why he's done it!

Either way, it's 3 - nil to gluten free food. Gluten sucks.

Wonderful Day To You All.

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