Wednesday 4 April 2012

Gluten Free Pancakes - So Easy!

gluten free pancake
Gluten Free Pancake With Maple Syrup
Before being gluten free I used to make pancakes a lot, mostly as a quick lunch. I'm not too keen on messing about with gluten free flours and so I've not attempted to make a pancake in years. Then it struck me. Masa Harina, the single ingredient that has transformed my gluten free cooking, what if I used that in my old batter mix instead of regular flour?

Well, you can see the result!

 If I were asked to put one ingredient on a gluten free alter and worship it, that ingredient would be masa harina. Everyone who cooks gluten free should have a bag of this in their kitchen, it's amazing.

What's the recipe you ask?


2 large Eggs
3 heaped tablespoons Masa Harina
5 tablespoons milk
Pinch Salt
Oil for frying (I used corn)


  • Break the eggs into a jug, add the masa harina, then the flour and salt and whisk
  • You want the mixture to be pretty runny and light
  • Heat a frying pan on high
  • Add oil, once hot add your first pour of batter
  • Swish around the pan so that the pancake is round
  • Cook for around a minute
  • Flip and leave for a few seconds
  • Done
I used a small frying pan to cook these in and I got about 6 pancakes from the batter.

I can't believe how easy these were to make! When I put the ingredients in the jug and mixed them it looked just like my old pancake batter, I wasn't expecting it to be as easy as that, I thought for sure that there would need to be tweaking, but there wasn't.

These pancakes are really light and pretty fluffy, they bizarrely smelled just like my old ones which I definitely wasn't expecting. It was lovely to have pancakes again, it was even lovelier that they were so straight forward to make!

Here's Hoping For A Great Day.


  1. these pancakes look amazing. i wondered if you had any other pure masa harina recipes? i want to make some sort of roll for burgers, but i dont want to use GF blended flour, i would prefer if it was just pure masa harina.

    i was also wondering if anyone has tried to make pasta from masa harina.

  2. Thanks :)

    If you look at the bottom of my Masa Harina post there's a list of recipes using it:

    Haven't tried to make gluten free pasta at all but in instances where it's needed such as Lasagna I use rice paper or rice noodles for other things.

    Hope that helps, thanks for your comment.

  3. Thanks for posting your masa harina recipes. We recently moved to Mexico and I can't seem to find any GF flours, but this. This could totally change our eating experiences! :D

  4. Yay! Really glad that you're finding them useful. When I discovered masa harina it totally changed my gluten free diet, so many more options. Not sure if I linked to it from the original post about the flour, but it makes the most gorgeous Taco shells too:

    Enjoy Mexico!

    Thanks for your comment :)

  5. Hi Lee, thanks for this recipe. These pancakes are really delicious! They were a bit flat so I was wondering if I used baking powder will they fluff nicely or will it ruin the recipe. Also, what about if I wanna add sugar? Can't wait for your reply!


  6. Hi Mira,

    I find that the flatness is all about the mixing, I don't use a whisk, just a fork and I only mix until the flour is no longer lumpy. Sometimes I've over mixed the batter thinking I'd get more air in it but the pancakes come out very flat.

    That's the first thing I'd suggest, are you over mixing the batter?

    If you want American style pancakes that are a bit thicker and spongy, yes use baking powder. As for the sugar, of course, add it before you mix the batter and you're good to go!

    Hope this helps :)


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