Monday 16 April 2012

My First Glutening In Over A Year

There had been some close calls due to restaurants being rubbish, but thankfully I had managed to go without ingesting any accidental gluten for over a year. On Friday that changed.

I went and cooked lunch at my parents, main reason being that I wanted to document a lovely recipe for this here blog, it's a recipe that my OH once liked, but now doesn't and so cooking it for us was not an option. My parents love this meal but they also love the set up of eating at a dining table on comfortable chairs, our apartment does not allow for this. I would love to have a proper dining table set up, but space just doesn't permit it. We slum it by eating our meals off of plates on our laps, not the way I was brought up nor my ideal, but it's just a given in this (mostly) happy, but terribly small space.

So I went to my parents armed with ingredients and set about making a Moules Mariniere. The beauty of this recipe is that is an old one of mine, but it's never had to be changed to be gluten free, it just naturally is (apologies if you're getting a bit sick of all the shellfish posts, I have lots of other recipes coming but these have just been flowing and I've had the photos to include pretty much straight away. The Bacon Bomb mentioned a week or so ago has been tried, tested and devoured, as has lots of other lovely meals, the meat will be back very soon! Promise!).

So I made our lunch, I have to admit that during preparation it did cross my mind that there could potentially be a problem. I once got glutened by a cross contaminated tea towel there, bread and flour is prevalent in that kitchen so maybe I was risking it from the start, but I had made this meal there before since being gluten free and without incident. But still.

The Moules Mariniere was delish, however an hour or so later I got the feeling. The feeling that I hadn't had in over a year. For me, when the glutening becomes apparent I call it the washing machine stomach. First it fills with lots of water (the bloating), then it starts to turn the clothes ever so gently (the unease of the pain starting), then the clothes go on a powerful rotation to clean them (the agony), then it's spin cycle (the obvious).

There was nothing in that meal that could have harmed me, it's the same recipe I have used countless times. I blame the kitchen and the fact that regular bread was put way too close to me for comfort. Though they try, my parents aren't the most understanding when it comes to my coeliac situation. By my mother's own admission, it's too complicated to understand.

It's all well and good having Help The Aged, what about Help The Coeliacs?!

I had a rough remainder of Friday in pain, Saturday was icky and Sunday saw the muscle and joint pain increase. Right now I'm not feeling too bad, I have a very fuzzy head and a slight headache that has been here since Friday but other than that I'm doing pretty damn well.

I'd forgot just how many symptoms appear after being glutened, I hope that I forget again and never, ever have to be reminded. A tall order but a challenge that will be faced head on.

More shellfish coming : /


  1. So sorry you were glutened Lee. So friggin' frustrating. Even more frustrating when you aren't sure what the culprit is.

    BTW...I love your washing machine analogy. I think we've all been thru the complete cycle.

    Hope you feel better!!

  2. Thanks Dude, appreciate it. Feeling surprisingly good which I think is down to something I've been drinking, will blog about it, may help others.

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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