Friday 13 April 2012

Oysters - Gluten Free Goodness

Full Of Zinc!
I got into eating oysters as a teenager, it wasn't something that I'd been introduced to by my parents. From the first slurp I was hooked and I've eaten countless dozens and half dozens since then. You may notice that there are only four oysters in that photo, much like with the crab, I kind of had to eat some before the photo was taken. It's shellfish, I can't help it!

Am I being shellfish reader? ;)

 Naturally gluten free and full of zinc, what's not to love about them?! Yeah, I know they're an acquired taste but they taste divine to me!

opened oyster
Eat Me! So I Did.
I'm a bit of a purist sometimes with shellfish. I don't like much done to it, I love the natural flavours. I've tried in the past with a squeeze of lemon or a shot of Tabasco, I like the combinations but I also love the open it up and pour into my mouth naturalness, nothing added.

ready to eat oysters
There's something so indulgent about oysters which is silly when you think about it. If you're buying them to eat at home you can get really good ones for around £1 each. That's not mad expensive for something so lovely.

I always feel like I've had a pick me up after eating even just one, it's instant, as soon as that salty liquid is tasted it's heavenly. I guess this could have something to do with the zinc, there's something like 7 times the daily recommended dose in half a dozen. Not something you would want to overdo but a little boost to the system is always a bonus!

I'm definitely a raw oyster girl but for the sake of giving a really easy cooked example, here's what I threw together (I only did one, I couldn't bear to cook any more than that!).
  • Separate the oysters from the shells
  • Put a tablespoon per oyster of gluten free breadcrumbs into a container
  • Add a decent knob of butter (I use garlic butter)
  • Roughly chop a small handful of parsley and add to the breadcrumbs and butter
  • Use a fork to make the butter soft and mix everything together evenly
  • Add a tablespoon of the mix to each oyster making sure they are completely covered
stuffed oyster
  •  Put under a hot grill for 3-4 minutes
breaded oyster
Breaded Oyster
 It's basically the same mix that I used for yesterdays scallop recipe.

Just a demonstration to show that if you aren't a raw oyster fan, you can always cook them really easily.

Me? I'll stick with the raw ones, I love a good slurp!

Have A Fabulous Weekend

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