Monday 12 March 2012

Weekend Eats 9

fishcake mix
Fishcake Mix
So, last weekend I was supposed to document at least two new recipes for Free From G, but it didn't happen. One I never even got around to making and the other, well, though delicious, I just can't get them to come out of the frying pan looking lovely.

Every recipe that is on Free From G has been tried, tested and if I didn't think it was up to scratch it wouldn't be on here. So no new recipes for the time being. Boo.

I don't know what it was about last weekend, but I was a bit of a nightmare in the kitchen. My Crustless Quiche took much longer to cook than usual, I forgot to grease the baking dish and cheese had to be added midway through cooking. Thankfully it still turned out lovely, but it was a bit of an effort when usually it's a breeze.

My fishcakes which I have wanted to post for an age were lovely, though somehow I ended up with plain haddock instead of smoked and it just wasn't the same. I also forgot to get flat leaf parsley during our weekly shop so I had to use curly parsley instead, it's never quite as strong a flavour for me. The problem I have overall with this recipe is that although the mix holds together well as it goes into the pan, it never comes out looking how I want it to. Hopefully next time I make them I'll figure it out.

We were going to have Chicken Kebabs for lunch on Sunday, but I've been beyond tired and it just seemed like too much of an effort so we ended up having similar ingredients but just as a mixed grill. When I say tired, I mean exhausted, making those kebabs is not hard at all.

There was a bit of an accident on Sunday, whilst sorting out the mixed grill I somehow managed to knock a glass off the side which resulted in a shard of glass in my OH's foot and a small slash on my calf. Nothing major but I really shouldn't be in the kitchen when I'm feeling so out of it.

Even the Chinese Pork Ribs didn't go smoothly and we've made them so many times without any problems at all. After marinating, when you heat the red pork seasoning mix to start the glaze you get a foamy mix of marrow bone rise to the surface. It's never happened to me before but this time the pan boiled over creating a huge mess of the hob. The glaze then took forever to thicken as I was wary of putting back on high in case it happened again.

The ribs turned out gorgeous as always but yeah, this weekend I had a few incidents which I could have done without.

Won't have a recipe for tomorrow as tonight we're having the rather lovely Smoked Pork Belly Strips, but there will be a post on something. Possibly me moaning about the fact that not only can I not get hold of gluten free oyster sauce, but now soy sauce is a problem too.

Have a wonderful Monday.

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