Friday 2 March 2012

In Search of Sakata Rice Crackers

sakata rice crackers
About To Be Combined
As you may have read, I recently discovered Sakata Rice Crackers and what a discovery they were! Not only have I been enjoying the individual flavours on their own but I've also been doing a bit of flavour combining with them. Take a Classic Cheddar cracker and combine with a Classic Barbecue for a taste sensation or maybe a Classic Cheddar with a Sour Cream and Chives, so, so good! I'm sure there's plenty more combinations that work great, I just don't have the crackers to try them out :(

In the past two days I have been to Waitrose and Sainsbury's in search of these elusive taste bud tinglers, Waitrose had the Sour Cream and Chives just like before but no others and Sainsbury's had none at all. In the free from section at least, blondie here just went to check the Sakata site and it quite clearly states that they would be in the savoury biscuits aisle if they had them. Duh. There's every possibility that they had the other flavours in the savoury biscuit aisle of Waitrose too.

It isn't really a duh though is it? Why would I check the savoury biscuits aisle? I'm absolutely pleased that a brand as good as this is being sold mainstream too, but if only supermarkets made things a bit easier. I realise that shelf space is precious, but it is a bit confusing. How many other gluten free goodies are lurking in other aisles? Take note, if you want Sakata Rice Crackers (and you totally should) check the savoury biscuits aisles!

I've just realised something. On the Sakata site, there is no mention of any stockists for Classic Barbecue.....


This must be investigated. Fast.

Have lovely weekends.

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