Wednesday 14 March 2012

Coeliac Disease and Stress

I've come to realise that being gluten free sadly isn't enough when you're a coeliac. No matter how well I feel on a long stretch without being glutened, there is always one thing that drags me down to utter exhaustion and that is stress.

I'm on my longest stretch of not being glutened since finding out I had coeliac. It's possibly been an entire year and for that I am truly thankful, long may it continue, I was feeling great. Then something unbelievably stressful happened and no matter about the total gluten free stretch, I'm a mess.

Everyone gets stressed of course, others may have blood pressure reactions, loss of appetite, lots of things that make them run down and cause a weakened immune system. I get exhausted and unable to function properly. I know I'm not alone either, I've seen other blogs where coeliac's talk of the same thing.

I totally believe that my coeliac manifested itself because of a stressful situation. I'm certain of it and have read that this would be a reason for it only appearing in my 20's.

Thing is, how do you stop getting stressed? The damage is done, I have coeliac, but how do I stop getting so stressed so I don't feel exhausted all the time?

If you're a new coeliac wondering why you feel tired all the time, it's a by product of having coeliac disease. We all have it. I'm sure that people must think I'm incredibly lazy when I'm yawning all the time, but I can't help it. Usually when I'm happy and have no glutening episodes it subsides, yes I'm still more tired than I would be if I weren't a coeliac, but it's nowhere near as bad.

When stress comes on the scene, you find out the difference between being tired and being exhausted. I've seen so many coeliacs experience this via blogs and Twitter, it's horrible. I've found that trying to fight it just makes it worse in the long run. So what do you do?

I tried taking a nap today as I was getting nowhere with work, but that hasn't helped. I feel somewhat less exhausted but my mind is fuzzy and I still can't concentrate.

One thing that keeps popping into my mind is a nod to the eternal optimist that I am despite everything. I've not been glutened. Sure I feel terrible but I've not damaged my body, I'm no more at risk from the nasties than I was before and that's a great thing.

Despite trying to fight the exhaustion and failing, I'm going to continue to do so. Sure if you have the luxury of being able to go to bed, sleep and sleep some more, do it, but I can't. There's no way that life is ever going to be fully stress free for any of us, as a coeliac I need to find a way to be a bit more s*** happens because this exhaustion that appears needs to stop.

Life's too short to let this rule and I plan on having fun. Gluten Free fun.

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