Wednesday 28 March 2012

More Gluten Free Experiments Coming!

I'm really excited about a couple of new recipes that I'm going to try out over the coming days. They could of course end up as complete disasters and I'll never speak of them again, or they could turn out as some of the best gluten free food I have ever made, we'll see!

I'm not giving much away just yet, but one of the recipes involves bacon, if it turns out right it will be a masterpiece! Seriously, if I get it right, watch out Pinterest, I'll be all over you like a rash. The other recipe is a take on an all American favourite, I'm seriously excited about this one in particular because wow, have I given myself a task here!

There are gluten free recipes of what I'm going to tackle out there, but there's a big difference in what I'm going to be doing and what they have, trust me, I'm mental for even considering doing this. Put it this way, everything, Everything is going to be made from scratch.

There could be come interesting photos appearing next week!

That's it for now, I currently have chicken breasts soaking in milk for a sumptuous feast of Southern Fried Chicken later, if you haven't tried it, give it a whirl, it's finger lickin' good and totally gluten free!

Fun Day To Everyone.

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