Monday, 20 February 2012

Sakata Gluten Free Rice Crackers

sakata rice crakers
Sakata = Gluten Free Yum!
The lovely peeps at Sakata sent me this colourful selection of their gluten free Rice Crackers to try, as I had only managed to source the Sour Cream and Chives flavour myself. Despite having a totally full tummy after a somewhat indulgent cheese fondue dinner, just thinking about how good the ones I had already tasted were meant that I couldn't help myself and opened one of the new flavours shortly after picking up my post.

I'm a huge fan of  barbecue flavour so it was a question of Classic Barbecue or Sizzling Barbecue, I went for Sizzling as I find that such an enticing word. HELLO! Though I had absolutely no room due to a huge amount of cheese in my tummy, I had one, then another, and another and on it went.

I rarely ever eat after dinner so this was utter temptation because of the flavour spurring me on. Same thing happened with the Sour Cream and Chives flavour, these crackers are addictive.

Later that night due to my constant praise being heaped on the Sizzling Barbecue flavour my non gluten free other half caved and wanted to try one. But of course, it didn't stop at one, there was even a few at a time going in. I knew right there that my judgement had been right, these crackers were something special because my man does not snack.

The following day the next flavour to be sampled was the Classic Barbeque, the name is spot on, with the Sizzling one you get a hit of Paprika followed by a sweetness then tomato taste. The Classic flavour is more tomatoey from the start with a slight hint of garlic. Just like the Sour Cream and Chive Crackers, these are ideal for eating without needing a dip, there's plenty of flavour in all.

Next up were the Classic Cheddar flavour. I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to cheeses so I wasn't sure about this one. I love really stinky, pungent cheese, cheddar just doesn't make the cut, but you know what? I really, really liked these ones too. They were very cheesy, very similar to the Classic Wotsits flavour but without any nasty aftertaste. Again, no need for any dips to accompany these either.

The ones that I really wasn't bothered about were the Original flavour but it struck me that in actual fact, they may be just the thing I had been looking for to accompany Smoked Roe. Alone they have a very delicate saltiness to them, I personally wouldn't eat these ones without a dip or something spread on them but sure enough they work perfect for smoked roe. I've not been about to find anything gluten free that compliments the flavour or texture of the roe, but these were ideal.

As for the very first flavour that I tried, the Sour Cream and Chives. This is a flavour combination that I absolutely love and with all honesty, I've never tasted a cracker or a crisp in that combination that are as good as these. You can really taste both flavours and the balance is perfect. There's always been something artificial tasting about the other products, not these.

The flavours of the four intended to have flavour are really, really good. These can easily replace crisps for me. The other thing about these gluten free crackers that is a huge draw is the texture, it's so light yet crunchy, it's unlike any other rice cracker I have ever tasted. I don't think you could get any better than this in crackers period.

I wouldn't look at these as a healthy alternative to other crackers or crisps because they really don't taste it, but they are. As for being gluten free, just like my gluten eating OH said, you wouldn't know it.

If it hadn't been for them following me on Twitter I wouldn't know about Sakata. For any coeliacs who aren't aware I feel for them, because these are great gluten free snacks that are totally safe, full of flavour and  very, very yummy. There's usually always a but with gluten free things I review, always something that gives it away as gluten free, not these. Sakata have nailed it.

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