Wednesday 6 March 2013

Hasselback Chilli

chilli with hassleback potatoes
I didn't intend to document this but it looked so quirky when it was served that I wanted a couple of photos to share. I'm sick of long grain rice and didn't fancy going with Potato Wedges, I love the look of Hasselback Potatoes and they're so easy to make, so I thought why not. I'd have presented it somewhat better had I thought about it though.

Have to say, I've never combined Mexican and Swedish cuisines before but it's ultimately meat and potatoes so you can't really go wrong. There was cheese too, Gouda, so we're throwing a little Dutch element in there just to be totally cosmopolitan :p

chilli with hasselback potatoes and grated cheese
Mmmmmm Cheeeese
So that was Tuesday's dinner and lovely it was too. It made such a change having potatoes instead of rice.

If you want to know how to make the Free From G Chilli (one pot, couple of hours, loads of flavour) click the link to go through to the post. It's actually the very first recipe that I posted on here and there's only been one minor tweak since I created it. I now add the juice of one lime which brings the chili heat out more and gives it a lovely zesty edge. The recipe is updated to include this, it really does make a difference.

If Hasselback Potatoes are an unknown or you want to know my super easy way to make the cuts without chopping any potato off, go check out my step by step guide, it's quite straightforward.

I'm delving into the world of Indian cuisine today, if it's a success there's every chance that you'll see the result, if not, we'll just not speak of it again. Hope it does work though I'm really in the mood for Indian flavours.

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