Wednesday 13 March 2013

Snack On Soy Beans

soy beans
In the days of eating out without worry, when I would have Sushi I would usually have an order of Edamame with it. Since going gluten free I haven't eaten Sushi but Edamame was still devoured on occasion that we visited Waitrose.

We haven't shopped at Waitrose in a very long time because they ceased stocking the gluten free Oyster Sauce which was the reason for shopping with them (Blue Elephant), so Edamame has been off the snacking menu for quite a while.

I've recently been looking to source Douchi (Fermented Black Beans) and on my search I discovered that you could buy Soy Beans frozen in Tesco (and probably all the other supermarkets too). I've missed Edamame so this was a great find.

The 150g pot of Edamame that I used to get from Waitrose is £2.00. The frozen Soy Beans from Tesco come in a 500g bag and cost £1.50. We can afford for me to get addicted.

I love Soy Beans as a snack and they couldn't be any easier to make.

4 minutes in a pan of just boiling water that goes onto a rolling boil. Drain, add a big pinch of Sea Salt and shake. Eat there and then or leave to cool. Alternatively, run them under cold water for a few seconds if you're feeling impatient. That would be me.

I like to make a big batch to keep in the fridge but they don't last for long, not because they go bad but because I can't stop eating them. They would keep in the fridge for a good few days were you to have actual restraint unlike me.

I'm still searching for Douchi.

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