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Amaizin Chilli Corn Rolls

amaizin corn rolls
Made In Belgium, A Bit Like Me Ancestrally
Still no sign of the long overdue recipe (tomorrow for sure, almost certainly for sure) but I've got a great new discovery if you're a fan of crisps and who isn't a fan of good snackettes, right?

So I shared my Tesco surprise with you the other day and this is one of the new items from that aisle that I thought I'd give a go. Hell yeahs, a great product it turns out and naturally gluten free.

I'm a big fan of Corn based stuff, I seriously went to town with the discovery of Masa Harina and Corn Chips have always been a favourite because well, you make Nachos with them, I mean, Hello! Nachos are a food that greatly appeals to my picky eating nature.

So these Corn Rolls look just like they do on the pack, well not the cactus one, that would be a bit odd, and dangerous.

amaizin corn rolls
Few Unrolled Rogues In There
Perfectly shaped for ease of eating and superb for dipping.

One thing though, and this isn't a complaint more a heads up. There were other flavours available but I'll pretty much always go for Chilli if that's an option. Thing is - and this could be because I'm used to hotness and/or the fact that I have sinus issues which may have muted my taste buds - I can't taste chilli on any flavour level, of which there are several. If you're looking for a kick from these you aren't going to get one.

Chilli is listed twice as an ingredient but I sure can't taste it:

amaizin corn rolls ingredients
Note The Last Two Ingredients
Fenugreek and Lovage, I don't think I've ever eaten anything with those in before but we go back a bit. Those ingredients always remind me of the Tudors, I remember being in a Culpepper garden years ago (probably at Leeds Castle so not an original Thomas Culpepper garden) and seeing Fenugreek and Lovage growing, the names just struck a chord (I may also own a Tudor cookbook). It's silly what sticks in the mind but yeah, those two ingredients make me think of Tudor times in general - a huge fascination of mine since I was tiny - and in particular King Henry VIII.

I'm going off on one...

(Speaking of the wondrous (if you don't mind the beheading and the fact that he became a bit tyrannical) King Henry VIII, I've been constantly entertained by the @KngHnryVIII Twitter account over recent months and now there's an e-book. It's all sorts of wrong in a very brilliant, amusing way. If you share my sense of humour you'll definitely laugh as much as I did and it could be construed as educational in the sense that if ever time travel were possible and Tudor times were up there on your list to visit, it could prevent head loss. I highly recommend for the title alone: Monarch of Your Bedchamber: Henry VIII's Long Awaited & Extremely Helpful Guide to Relationships: Sex, Wooing, Marriage, Mistresses,Divorce, Beheading, A Bit More Sex & Full Metal Codpieces (Amazon UK),   (Amazon US))

Where was I? Oh yeah, Amaizin Chilli Corn Rolls. Like I said if you want a heat kick these aren't for you but if you want a deep earthy kind of flavour - think Chilli Con Carne without the heat - then these have a really lovely complex set of tastes.

Some more info:

amaizin corn rolls gluten free
Naughty But Safe
Other gluten free flavours available are: Corn Chips in Natural, Sour Cream and Onion, Black Pepper, Chilli, Paprika, Nacho. Corn Rolls in Chilli and Tomato.

Though they aren't as loadable as Corn Chips the Rolls did make for a lovely take on Nachos. I'm without photographic proof because I was too busy nomming but they did.

Lovely Summery recipe coming tomorrow...

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