Thursday, 5 June 2014

Waikiki - London

I think I've mentioned that there's a shop located within our apartment complex, it's useful to have and a decent size for essentials (think a small Tesco Metro). I hadn't been in there for a while until today and I got a bit of a surprise.

As you walk in there's a decent amount of shelf space on the right where there had been an enticing amount of American foods. I never bothered to inspect any of the labels because the very nature of the products meant that it was highly unlikely they would be suitable.

I don't get annoyed about things I can't have, I never have done, what's the bloody point? It's just a case of I'm gluten free and that's that. However, I've always been a bit (I don't want to use the word obsessed here).... into all things American and having grown up watching a lot of shows and films from there I had a decent knowledge of American junk food that I was desperate to try. I was a gluten eating teenager.

You know how some people when they go abroad, (obviously I mean non gluten free people) especially the stereotypical Brit's abroad who stick to what they know, how they aren't adventurous when it comes to local cuisines? I've never been to the mainland US but I did go to Hawaii when I was a teenager and let me tell you, the first thing I did after getting over the 17 1/2 hour flight was go to a supermarket and load up on American food.

I don't recall when I first heard of Twinkie's but yeah, I needed to eat a Twinkie, to me they sounded somewhat... magical, I know, I know, there I go again. I'm not sure if it was the norm but the only pack I could buy had about six in it *hopes no one is looking* and I didn't share with anyone. I also indulged in several Reece's products. How I didn't need 2 plane seats coming back is a wonder.

I've digressed something terrible here but I must add that it wasn't just junk food that I had, there was amazing Pulled Pork that had been cooked traditionally in the ground and the Hawaiian Pineapple juice was one of the best things I've ever tasted. Also this crab dish... Oh, I could go on forever about this stuff but seeing as it would only really fit in a 'Things Made Gluten Free' post, and I haven't actually developed anything as such, I guess I'll get back on track..

(I think the Hawaiian stuff is far more interesting though)

So, upon walking into the shop today I noticed that all the American stuff had gone (moved elsewhere I suspect, I didn't check), but what was in its place? A good selection of GLUTEN FREE products!

Cereals, Crackers, Noodles, Pasta (including Macaroni), Bread, Sauces, Biscuits, possibly more.

It's sort of odd that they had an American section to begin with seeing as the shop is only accessible to to people within the complex but saying that so does the local Tesco. I guess this area maybe has a lot of American residents though I can't think why as outside of the complex is a sh*thole. The gluten free stuff though? They've always had some crackers but mixed in with the regular stuff, this is a dedicated gluten free section right at the front of the shop.

I guess what we can deduce from this is that I live amongst several Americans and fellow coeliacs. I find this oddly comforting despite knowing none of them.

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