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Hawaiian Style Smoked Cheesy Chicken Bacon Bites

hawaiian style bites
Prior To Smoking
A recipe! It's been a while huh? With the addition of Pineapple these are a new improved version of the original Bacon Bites that The Glutenite created way back when. A Hawaiian version.

This is a recipe that requires a smoker but you can alternatively grill or barbecue them, I haven't done that myself as I highly recommend smoking for the amazing flavours but I'm sure they would still be lovely.

(I've gone with that photo as the lead despite it being of the raw bites because the photos of the smoked versions just don't cut it. You'll have to take my word for it because my photos do no justice to this recipe whatsoever but I can assure you that these are incredibly delish and smoked Pineapple is indeed a sexy revelation.)

hawaiian chicken bites
Post Smoking But Minus The Cheese

1 Large Chicken Breast
Streaky Bacon Rashers (how many will depend on number of chicken pieces)
Pineapple Slices (dependant on number of bites)
Chilli Powder
150g Gouda

You'll need skewers of some sort, if using wooden soak them in cold water for a bit.

  • Cut the chicken breast into bite sized pieces of your choice
diced chicken breast
  • Count the chicken pieces, this will determine how many bacon rashers you'll need. It's half as many so 14 chicken pieces equates to 7 rashers etc
  • Cut the bacon rashers in half
chicken and bacon
Kitchen Scissors Are So Useful
  • Cut a quarter of a pineapple into slices, you need one slice for each bite
chicken bacon pineapple
All The Main Ingredients
  • Wrap each piece of chicken with a half rasher of bacon
  • Slide one of the bacon covered chicken bites onto the skewer where the bacon overlaps
  • Follow with a slice of pineapple
  • Repeat until all the bites and pineapple slices are on the skewers
hawaiian style bites
  • Put a pinch of chilli powder on each bite
hawaiian style bites with chilli
I Like Mine HOT
  • Make a foil tray to house the cheese
  • First, take a square of tin foil and lay it flat on your work surface
tin foil square
Bit Like Blue Peter This
  • Fold each edge about 1 inch inwards
making a tin foil tray
  • Turn over and fold the doubled edges inward to create a crease on each side
how to make a tin foil tray
Shiny Shiny
  • Push the edges inward and pinch each corner together
the making of a tin foil tray
Makes More Sense With The Photo I Hope
  • Fold each corner to the right and secure by folding the top of the corners over the edges
tin foil tray
Surprisingly Sturdy
  • Grease the inside of the tray with a little oil
  • Cut the cheese to fit and place into the tray
  • Put the loaded skewers into the smoker
camerons stovetop smoker
Room For The Cheese Tray In The Middle, You Can See The Wear
  • Put on a high preheated hob ring and smoke for 5 minutes
  • Lower to medium high and smoke for a further 5-6 minutes
  • Return to a high heat for the remaining 2-3 minutes
  • Remove bites and cheese from the smoker
The Smoked Gouda will look like this:

smoked gouda
  • Slice the cheese down the middle and slide onto the bites
Okay, so here's what the Bites look like, I documented this twice in order to get these photos and both times they turned out cr*p:

hawaiian chicken bacon bites
Smokey Summery Yums
I really should have taken the bites off the skewers to show them individually but you know me, you know where this is going. I didn't.

hawaiian chicken bacon bites
I Mean, Look At That Sexy Cheese Though
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It's funny how you can basically add Pineapple to anything and it becomes a bit Hawaiian but I love that vibe, it's girlie, y'know, floral. I found Hawaii to be totally floral, like getting a lei just before you exit the airport - I didn't think that happened outside movies - and all those stunningly beautiful tropical plants, even the shirts. My experience all those years ago was of a really lovely feminine place, so chilled. If I'd seen Dog The Bounty Hunter when I was a teenager there is no way I would have visited Oahu, it's f*cking scary now by the looks of it, so sad.

If you try nothing else from this recipe but you have a smoker, seriously, get jiggy with some Pineapple, it's amazing. Smoked Pineapple is something that may sound very, very wrong but actually it's oh so very right. Try it!

I don't have any recipes planned but I'll come up with something to share in the not too distant future.

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