Friday, 13 June 2014

DS Gluten Free Brioche Loaf And More

There was supposed to be a recipe post going out today (I know! Been a bloody age) but it'll have to wait until next week because I do like to add a bit of humour to my recipes and quite frankly I'm feeling anything but humorous today. I figure a product review will do just fine, it's a good one. I can do positive, just not funny (funny haha, not funny odd, I'm always funny odd).

Last week there were no DS Seeded Loaves to be found on the usual shop, no shelf label either which usually means that item has been dumped. Sure enough Tesco confirm to me on Twitter that is the case. Boooooo.... I love that bread.

Today in the first aisle - which is usually full of seasonal stuff - I happened upon something so cool.

tesco free from
Do You See?!
All of that - all the way to the end - is free from food and most of it is gluten free. I felt like Alice in F****** Wonderland. Admittedly there was quite a bit of shelf space empty but the labels are there, it's going to be fully stocked at some point.

Turns out it's promotion for a food fair but it would be amazing if this aisle stayed this way.

food fair flyer
No Lifestyle Choice For Me
food fair flyer
So Thankful I'm Not Nut Free, That's Scary
In the DS section, no Seeded Loaves but...... BRIOCHE!!!!! Lovely soft Brioche.

ds gluten free brioche loaf
Passed The Squidge Test Straight Away
I'm a super fan of DS Gluten Free products and yet again they have nailed it, it's Brioche. I'd never even seen this product before let alone be in the position to sample it.

(I just glanced over at the Queen's coverage on TV and there was a woman carrying two jugs of Pimm's. I'm SO jealous.)

ds gluten free brioche slice
(I'd just like to point out that there are no children here (well, no under 18 children), that's MY giraffe plate. 

It's so soft and sweet and buttery. The Brioche not the giraffe plate, obvs.

ds gluten free brioche slice
Topped With Lime Marmalade
I can't wait to toast it, highly recommended bread on all counts.

Experiencing that amazing Tesco aisle today made me feel a bit normal. There was so much to choose from, I had several options of all sorts of stuff and I've not been used to that feeling for a very long time. It kind of makes me feel fuzzy just thinking about it.

First my little local shop now this, is gluten free awareness actually on the up?

(Oh, and the DS Seeded Loaves were back on the shelf in the usual free from section, no idea what's going on there but have stockpiled so all is good for now.)

In the same aisle there was yet more good news:

10p crisps
OMG! All Gluten Free
Tangy Toms and Transform A Snack! Pombear are safe too but it's all about the previously known as 10p crisps for me.

I hate shopping (you'll be aware of my moans if you're a regular) but the fact that this aisle exists in the real world and not just in my imagination is huge

sǝǝ ʎon ou ʇɥǝ oʇɥǝɹ sıpǝ oɟ ʇɥǝ ɟɐʇ ɯoou

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