Friday, 26 October 2012

Pickled Onion Pom-Bear - Halloween Special Edition and More

pickled onion pom bear crisps
So Cute!
Not sure why I've never written about Pom-Bear before, I've previously eaten so many of the Pizza flavour that I don't think I could stand another. It was of course the packaging the caught my eye and I am rather partial to pickle onion flavour crisps, so I put the thoughts of the overindulgence of the other flavour to the back of my mind and had a munch.

If you have memories of Pickled Onion Monster Munch to compare, these are much less tangy but still obviously pickled onion. They're really nice but overall the thing that gets the major thumbs up is the Halloween packaging, I can't help myself!

picked onion pom bear
Totally Lured In
I know it was a bit much to expect but I was wondering if the bears might actually be shaped as little ghosts, witches and devils like on the pack but alas they were not. That's ok, I have Halloween Haribo! (I'm obsessed)

I'm an absolute dream for marketing departments, stick anything Haloweeny on the pack and I'll want it. Same with pink stuff, knowing full well that I can't drink fizzy drinks without turning into a burp monster I drank nearly a whole bottle of Lucozade Pink Lemonade within an hour. And ended up spending the entire weekend in an uncomfortable state because of it.

pink lemonade
If they ever come up with something that is both Halloween related and pink I'm screwed. *Looks at socks*


bat socks
Yes, I'm Actually Wearing These
On a somewhat related note I love this quote from a 6 year old girl who was at Pippa Middleton's book launch yesterday: "I hate Princesses. I want to be a vampire". Me and that child would get along. Though I wouldn't want to be a vampire.

Is this still a food blog?! Here, have some Pizza:

gluten free pizza
Thursday Dinner
ds gluten free pizza with extra toppings
Salami, Mushroom, Smoked Sausage, Mozzarella, Emmental and Gouda
DS Gluten Free Salami Pizza as per usual but with added toppings. Works a treat. Tonight we partake in Cheese Fondue.

Just over 3 and a half hours until the weekend officially begins here, cannot wait!

Short post to come later.

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