Monday, 30 September 2013

Tangy Toms Are Gluten Free

tangy toms
Blast From The Past
If you remember the days of 5p and then 10p packets of crisps then you will no doubt remember Tangy Toms. I've been looking to get reacquainted with these crisps for years, always hopeful that just like Transform A Snack, Tangy Toms would also be gluten free. They are!

If you're familiar with this blog then you'll know that I'm a huge crisp fan. I do love a good potato crisp but overall my most favourite kind is those made of corn and typically baked not fried. Monster Munch are missed.

The Tangy Toms taste just like I remember, sweet, tangy and tomatoey. What has changed since I last had them is the size, I'd say they've shrunk by half.

tangy toms
Shrunken Balls
I found these in the same shop as the Transform A Snack, it's not somewhere we go very often so I've stocked up on both. It's only a matter of time before I get carted off to the fat farm, you can read why specifically in tomorrow's post (these aren't naughty at all in comparison).

Some of you reading this will no doubt look at the photo of the ingredients below and comment me saying "there's MSG in them, yuck", yes I know. This has never been a 'healthy' foods blog it's a gluten free food blog and the two aren't mutually exclusive in every day life. For the record, I have a pot of MSG in my cupboard and use it often. Scandalous behaviour!

Interesting read about MSG if you're interested.

tangy toms ingredients
This is good:

tangy toms
Good Toms
No artificial colours or preservatives. Yay.

It's nice to have Tangy Toms back, though not easily found. If you too want some shrunken tomatoey balls of nostalgia they're available on Amazon UK here.

I just did a little daydream and it was about having my own nostalgic crisp shop. Dreaming big as always.

Back tomorrow.

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