Friday 31 January 2014

DS Gluten Free Seeded Sliced Loaf Review

Gluten free bread is something that I gave up on a very long time ago. The last disappointment was when I was taken by a strong craving for a Toasted Sandwich, the sliced bread didn't even survive the car trip home let alone being buttered, filled and turned in the pan.

I'd given up on bread but it wasn't all bad, I always have a pack of DS Gluten Free Ciabattas to hand, I've been using them to make all sorts of lovely things* for years, and more recently I've been loving their White Rolls (always thought of by the superior name of Breadlingtons by me), in which hot or cold fillings work a treat.

I wasn't missing bread but a Toasted Sandwich was often day dreamed about.

When DS Gluten Free contacted me about this bread I had high hopes, the ciabattas and rolls are a staple in our home, they wouldn't disappoint me with the bread, surely? I immediately decided on how I was going to test it, yup, a Toasted Sandwich.

I did a huge smile when I opened the box and saw this:

ds gluten free seeded sliced loaf
Will You Turn Into A Yummy Toastie?
It felt nice and soft but not squidgy, and I made sure that I gave it a good squeeze to see if it would fall apart. It did not.

ds gluten free seeded sliced loaf
Salivating At This Stage
The Toasted Sandwich was going to have to wait, I wanted to try a slice buttered and generously spread with Rose's Lime Marmalade (a purchase made purely in eager anticipation of receiving this bread - I'd never had it but The Glutenite said I'd love it, I do).

ds gluten free seeded bread
Naked And Looking Good
The slices are firm but not dense.

ds gluten free seeded bread buttered
Toasted And Buttered
By this stage we're both pretty excited, it smelt wonderful.

ds gluten free bread roses lime marmalade
I Was Close To Dancing At This Point
The Glutenite took all these photos for me, notice that one, it's a little bit blurry? I think he was a bit overexcited too.

It was love at first bite. I recall a couple of things I said to him whilst nibbling (the toast), "they've nailed it", "It's like real bread". Both of which are totally true.

There was no time to wait, the frying pan was put on the hob and the heat turned up to high. I'd decided that I was only going to have a bite of the Toasted Sandwich because I wanted more toast with lime marmalade on it, so I asked The Glutenite what he wanted in the sandwich. He went with hand cut smoked ham and Gouda.

ds gluten free toasted sandwich
The Long Wait For A Gluten Free Toastie Is Nearly Over

ds gluten free toasted sandwich
Behold The Glorious Gluten Free Toasted Cheese And Ham Sandwich
I savoured my lone bite for it was magnificent. Then I promptly popped another slice under the grill, toasted, buttered and loaded with lime marmalade. It was gone in seconds.

Here's the last bite of the Toasted Sandwich:

ds gluten free toasted sandwich bite
It's A 10
It's been a hell of a long time since I've eaten regular bread but from memory I couldn't tell any difference. The real test comes from someone who eats gluten and that would once again be The Glutenite, he said the same, you wouldn't know it was gluten free. The taste the texture, it all holds up.

An additional thing that impressed me was that I wasn't shy in flipping the sandwich, I went in a little harder than I would usually do, kind of slapped it down, I really wanted to test this bread.

This is the unwiped, unwashed pan:

frying pan
Test Passed
So long as DS continue to make this bread we'll buy it. I have one tiny negative to report but I'm sure it's easily fixable. When it came to making the Toasted Sandwich we had to go further into the loaf to find slices without holes going all the way through. For toast it's fine but for a sandwich it's not ideal as the holes are pretty large. Other than that I recommend this without question.

Here's some more details; This Seeded Loaf used to be called Fresher For Longer (I had no idea DS made loaves until now), it has a shelf life of 40 days but contains no artificial preservatives - a big yay right there - and you can eat it straight from the pack without the need to pop it in the oven.

It's made from a sourdough recipe with millet and quinoa, it's also nutritious and high in fibre. That's great an' all but more to the point It. Tastes. Delish! And it doesn't fall apart, evenafterIabuseditwithaspatular.

You can get your hands on a loaf at Morrisons, The Co-operative, Waitrose and Tesco (I'll be in a foul mood if my shoddy Tesco doesn't have this tomorrow). Check here to find your closest stockist. 

All I have left to say is Good work DS Gluten Free, really. good. work.

A fun weekend to all :)

*Some of those lovely things: Sliders / Croutons / French Toast / Breadcrumbs

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