Monday 6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I'm looking at the Christmas tree as I type, I know that it must come day today (if sticking with tradition) but I feel sad at the thought of it not being there for another 11 months. This year we up scaled from a small - maybe 2 foot - black tree to a more traditional - though still quite small - 4 foot green one, it's decorated by me, in my typically random fashion with brightly coloured baubles and stars and metallic hearts. There's something about this particular tree and decorations that makes me feel extremely happy, it's my favourite Christmas tree to date. Fitting for it to have also been my favourite Christmas to date too.

free from g christmas
Just A Sneak Peek
I adore our littleish tree but as a last little reminder of such a wonderfully happy and fun time I'm going to share a couple of others that I had the pleasure of seeing last Christmas.

First off, this is quite possibly the most me tree in existence (second to my actual tree of course), look closely at the top:

hogwarts christmas tree
See It?
There's. A. Witchflyingroundthetopofthetree!!!!!

I'm 12 Really
Our tree has a fairy which is totally cool, but next year, oh yes, next year she'll be joined by a witch. In years gone by we've decorated our black tree with the little skull key rings that you get with Blair's sauces but I got a bit more traditional somewhere down the line. Just a little.

The other tree is also a Harry Potter one (quelle surprise!) and I found it unsurprisingly magical as intended:

yule ball christmas tree
Hogwarts Yule Ball Christmas Tree
So yes, I'm still trying to hang onto Christmas because as someone who used to hate that time of year, now that I get to share it with The Glutenite - my amazing partner in fun - it's such a special time. And you don't have to do any work. Ha!

Despite not eating any more over Christmas than I usually do, I'm so fed up with most foods. I've been eating a lot of Salmon Sashimi with Sanchi Tamari Soy Sauce and Yutaka Wasabi and that's been lovely, but food in general is becoming quite boring, I've even gone off of Chicken. Quite the problem as I mainly blog about food.

I need inspiration. We've been having a lot of Chicken Surprise for dinner recently which usually turns into this, which is lovely, I'm just bored of the chicken element. Last time we had it I had everything but the Chicken. We currently have squid tubes and these funny looking potatoes out for dinner, Squid Surprise. I've no flipping clue. Oh and a packet of bacon that needs using up, Squid, Bacon and Potatoes, I'm not feeling this. At. All.

So off to the kitchen I must trot, I'm aways thinking 'what would Marco (Pierre White) do?' Then I get a big Michellin Starred reality check and consider Nigella, 'what would Nigella do?'

I'm all out of that ingredient.

Hello Squid Surprise :(

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