Wednesday 29 January 2014

Carrot Or Cannot

Thought that I would be doing a product review this post but alas, the (wonderfully exciting to me) product hasn't arrived yet but I still feel the urge to write something.

It's days like these when I feel that I shouldn't connect digitally with anyone at all. I'm aghast to think that a slightly less than upbeat post might be the first thing someone reads from me, that it might come across that I may always be on a bit of a downer. If you've read my writings before you'll know that isn't the case, I'm usually quite silly, but today, today I feel like someone has poured a vat of glue over my head and thrown me into a pool of prickly ended feathers.

I realise that's actually quite a funny scenario which gives me hope that even today, a day which is just full of nothingness, a negative if you will - nothing awful, nothing great - I have an underlying humour that won't be quashed.

I was looking forward to another elimination diet experiment today, this time it's Carrots. I mean seriously, Carrots? Even more twisted is that the only kind of carrots I eat these days are Baby Carrots, how the hell are Baby Carrots giving my stomach so much grief?

They of course might not be but if it isn't them then I am stumped. See, the only time I ever eat carrots these days is when making Boiled Bacon. It's my most favourite meal in the world, so comforting, so easy and just really basic, delicious goodness. If it wasn't for a comment on this blog then I wouldn't know that I can't eat Onions or Avocados, I started an elimination diet after someone got me properly looking into FODMAPs and it has been a real eye opener.

Onion was figured out first, so I switched to Leeks, but I was still getting a reaction when we had Taco Trays (same recipe as Nachos but minus the Tortilla Chips), I stopped having homemade Guacamole and the problem was solved. The Boiled Bacon meal has remained a problem though, I considered it may have been the Leeks so I swapped for Shallots, but of course it wasn't the Leeks as I was having those in Taco Trays and was fine.

If you're still reading I hope this makes more sense to you that it does to me, elimination is bloody complicated.

It can't be the Shallots, I use them in everything where Onion was previously used and this is the only meal I'm having a problem with. So it has to be the Carrots? Baby bleedin' Carrots.

This is a two stage experiment because I plan on cooking the meal as per usual, I just won't eat any of the Carrots. If I still get a reaction I'm going to have to omit the little f***ers completely and try to find a replacement. What on earth can you replace the flavour of Carrots with?!

The experiment isn't happening today because I'm seemingly full of brain fog and feel grotesque, I forgot all about dinner (that one needs hours to cook).

There's part of me that's just given in to all these intolerance's / allergies, so far I'm up to:

Gluten, obviously, Pepper the spice of any kind, Tomato skins, Onions, Avocado and possibly Carrots.

Part of me is 'that's fine, no problem' then there's another part which is 'how can anything that's part of the recommended 5 a day be doing these things to me?'. At this stage I'm absolutely of that attitude that fine, I just won't eat anything that's doing me harm, no looking back, but it does make me question food. I could understand if I couldn't eat things that are 'bad' but fruit and vegetables? I find that quite astounding when I think about it.

When I think back to a year of utter excess, a year spent eating out every single night at restaurants from French to Balinese, with nothing off limits, am I thinking woe is me now, poor allergy / intolerant, restricted diet me? Nope, you know what I'm thinking? What the F*** happened to my bank balance that year?!

Still nothing for dinner.


  1. We are a carrot hating household. We eat parsnips when we can find them instead. Not as sweet, but similar.

  2. Hi Avery,

    I actually love Parsnips when roasted but I've never cooked them any other way, could be a good solution.

    Thanks for your comment.


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