Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Fun But Not As Intended

Sorry guys, the fun thing that I had planned on posting today didn't happen so I'll be making sure that it does over the weekend to post on Monday. It requires lots of pics. Reason it didn't happen last night is because I'm not feeling great, nothing coeliac related thankfully just a touch of cold that has been threatening me with its presence for the last couple of weeks.

The last 2 years running I've been debilitated by flu and chest infections that have on both occasions been so bad that I've cracked my ribs by coughing. It's always around this time of year and incredibly hard for me to shake off so I'm being a bit cautious. Current symptoms are mainly sniffles which dry up as the day goes on but worse is the cattarrh, that's how I end up with the chest infections. I seriously do not want a repeat this year.

covonia lozenges gluten free
Gluten Free Friends
Anyways, despite not having the post I wanted for today I figure there should still be something fun.

I know they're old but these Steve Martin scenes never fail to crack me up. Plus, they're kind of food related!

Just an insight into the kind of things that make me laugh, I really am an utter big kid.
I keep getting thwarted by things, first the lack of post for today now it's dinner. I was going to make a Vietnamese dish that hopefully if went well would be the first recipe on Free From G in an age but I need a plain chicken stock, all I have is heavily flavoured with tarragon and that just wouldn't work. Don't use your own, go buy some then, right? Can't :(
I have prawns and squid to use up so I may make a scaled down version of my fish pie. I may just throw it all out the window and tell my OH the cat ate them. It's Friday so I'm in a mischievous mood.
Have a great weekend, I'll be back on Monday with some sweet treat fun. For sure this time!

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