Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Burts Potato Chips - Pesto Flavour

burts pesto crisps
Roddy Fried These*
Initially I was drawn to these because of the colour of the pack, I love it. It stood out so much just like the Firecracker Lobster ones. When I saw what the flavour was I became intruigued, Pesto? We had to give them a go, I'd never heard of Pesto crisps before and couldn't really imagine herby crisps without any other flavours to go with them.

burts pesto potato crisps
Pesto Crisps
Before we bought them I did a quick scan for pepper and happily noted the gluten free labelling, I didn't actually read the rest of the ingredients as I knew I was safe with these. Having tried a few the flavour got stronger but is still very mild compared to that of the Firecracker Lobster strength. I definitely noted the familiar basil taste but other than that there wasn't much going on, until the aftertaste set in. I was getting cheese.

I think I've got pretty good taste buds and would rate myself at doing quite well on the Hell's Kitchen blindfolded taste test, but I was getting a cheese flavour, is there cheese in pesto? Quick read of the ingredients and sure enough, there's cheese powders in there.

burts gluten free crisps
Mango Powder?!
Inquisitive by nature and a bit of a sponge for knowledge especially when it comes to food I head over to wikipedia and sure enough, pesto is made with parmesan cheese! I never knew that.

To be fair, I've never been a huge fan of pasta (thankfully, something I really don't miss) so I haven't felt the desire to dabble in pasta recipes. I associate pesto with pasta so I guess I just never had the need to know how to make it. New bit of food knowledge is always good though.

As for the crisps, they have a lovely crunch and a good, even coating of flavour. If you're used to fresh pesto then no doubt you will love these crisps. If you don't like basil, stay away, that's the main flavour as expected going on.

*I am now in possession of Firecracker Lobster packs fried by Felix. I'm not messaging him, for I concede that the Glutenite was indeed correct. There is no Roddy or Felix or any of the other fryers, it's like finding out that the (then) WWF was all fixed :(

On a serious note, Burts still should have replied to my question re other flavours being gluten free. If you're a long time reader you'll know of my hatred of bad customer service.

I have a lovely dinner planned that comprises of Smoked Sea Bass, Bacon and Samphire. I've not had Samphire for years, well done Tesco for stocking it! There may be photos.

I am still cold free but not daring to feel smug.


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