Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Smoked Sea Bass

sea bass fillets in smoker
Sea Bass In The Smoker
Stovetop smoking is my favourite way to cook, it's pretty effortless and the flavours are amazing. Sea Bass smoked with alder wood chips has a really delicate sweetness about it, it's a lovely flavour that is very light and Summery, perfect for the current (hellish) heatwave!
We serve ours with Jersey Fries (when in season), Quails Eggs, Broccoli and Asparagus, it's quite a filling meal so one fillet is enough for me, for a larger appetite I'd recommend two.

Once you have the stovetop smoker set up, put the Sea Bass onto kitchen paper skin side down to remove excess moisture, then put onto a chopping board skin side up and rub olive oil into the skin. This will stop it from sticking to the smoker rack. It's really important that you do this or else the fish is going to break up when you try to remove it when it's cooked, I write from experience!

If you've used a smoker before you'll already know this bit.
  • Heat a hob ring on high
  • Place the smoker onto the ring with the lid slightly open so there's a a small gap 
  • Once smoke appears from the gap, close the lid and lower the ring heat to medium
Depending on size the Sea Bass will take between 15 - 20 minutes to cook. Around the 10 minute mark, open the smoker and check on cooking progress, you should have a good idea of how much longer it will need if you're familiar with cooking fish. If unsure get a fork and gently try to slide a piece of fish away from the skin, when the fish slides it's done. It's easy to over cook fish so if in doubt keep checking, you may want to put an extractor fan on if you have one above the hob. It's gets smokey!

Again, you'll already know that if you've used a smoker before!

I serve with a good pinch of salt and a light rub of garlic butter, they compliment the smoked flavour perfectly.

smoked sea bass quails eggs asparagus jersey fries
Not Good At Presentation Skills I Know
Though not one of my favourite photos, as an example you can see the light golden colour that the Sea Bass has taken from the smoke.

You may be thinking, the broccoli and asparagus look terribly over cooked. They are. In terms of gastronomy anyway. Both of us hate vegetables with a 'bite', we like our vegetables soft so that's how we serve them. I'm all about personal preference rather than doing things 'properly'.

Not sure what to post about tomorrow as we're having the rather lovely Fish Pie tonight. Any suggestions welcome as always.

Happy middle of the week!


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