Friday 4 May 2012

The Free From G Chilli Bacon Bomb

chilli bacon bomb
Chilli Bomb
This is the last Free From G Bomb you'll be seeing for a while, I need to get creative with bacon in other ways. If you like chilli and you like bacon, try this, it's a real taste sensation that is pretty simple to make. Plus, you can make it as hot or mild as you choose. Be bold though, choose hot!


You don't need much chilli for this recipe, this bomb just like the others served 2 and there's only so much that you can fit inside. This is an ideal leftovers meal, I personally wouldn't cook just the amount of chilli that you need for this. I'd use leftover chilli or make a pot up, use what I needed for the bomb then have it the following day, or freeze.


10 tablespoons Chilli
14 Streaky Bacon Rashers (leave in the fridge until needed)
1 cup Sushi Rice
70g Gouda

  • Cook the sushi rice - simmer for 15-20 minutes then leave to cool
  • Lay cling film onto a chopping board
  • Make a weave with the streaky bacon (just from the fridge makes it easier to handle)
bacon weave
Outer Casing Of The Chilli Bomb
  • Slice the gouda quite thin and lay on the weave, leave the edges clear
bacon weave and cheese
Cheese and Bacon
  • Spoon the sushi rice onto the cheese, again leaving the edges clear for rolling
how to make a bacon bomb
  • Now spoon the chilli onto the rice
building bacon bomb
"How The Hell Do We Roll This?!"
  • Pull the top section of cling film up and towards you and cover the filling with the bacon
  • Once the top and bottom edges of the bacon are touching shape with your hands and tuck the sides in and under
rolled bacon bomb
Secure With Cocktail Sticks If Needed
  • Place under a hot grill for 20-25 minutes
chilli bacon bomb
Chilli Bomb, Done!
chilli bacon bomb slice
How It Looks When Cut
If you're wondering why I used sushi rice it's because of the stickiness, regular rice wouldn't have stayed in place to be rolled.

Yet another wacky Free From G creation but it's actually really lovely.

I'll endeavour to write up a recipe post to go out on Monday but if not I'll be back after the long weekend on Tuesday. I need to recharge everything!

The lovely Byron Bay are sending me cookies, like, the best cookies, ever! And some new ones to try which I'll also probably end up gushing over. If you haven't tried Byron Bay Gluten Free Cookies yet, get a move on, you're seriously missing out! These are my favourites and these are my second favourites.

Can't wait to munch!

Have a great bank holiday.

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