Thursday, 10 May 2012

Jersey Royal Potatoes - Jersey Fries Recipe

jersey royal potatoes
Potato Royalty
They're only available for a few months each year but I definitely make the most of that window. April to June are when Jersey Royals are in season and for that duration I rarely use another potato, these are superior in every way.

These potatoes are so special that just like the Champagne region of France who are only allowed to call their sparkling wine Champagne, Jersey Royal Potatoes have a Protected Designation Of Origin which means they they cannot be grown anywhere else and still be the real deal. It's all about the soil.

But enough facts, there's only one way that I ever serve these little gems and it will come as no surprise to regular readers that it's in a comforting and non fussy way. Simple but delish.

There's just three main steps to this:

  • Boil for 10 minutes then drain
boiled jersey royals
Either Leave To Cool Or Run Under Cold Water
  • Slice
boiled and sliced jersey royals
Always Leave The Skins On
  • Deep fry until golden (about 6 minutes in very hot oil)
jersey royal fries
Jersey Fries
These would be lovely just boiled with a knob of butter melted over them, but I'm not a boiled potatoes kind of girl. I love the crispness that the skin gets from the frying. Jersey Royals have this taste that is kind of sweet and buttery, it's quite easy to eat a plate of these alone, even without salt.

Buying these from supermarkets has a major plus over buying them from street or farmers markets, they're already cleaned and scraped in most cases. If you buy then straight from the soil you will spend hours with them in water in either a bowl or in the sink, knife to hand scraping them. Your hands will turn brown and the water will look like a sewage leak.

But that's the thing about these potatoes, if you've ever eaten them you will be willing to do the scraping, you'll be willing to deal with the murky water and you'll be willing for your hands to resemble prunes for a while after. They are just that good!

If you have the opportunity to try these then please do, this is seasonal produce at it's very best.

One last fact: The farmers use seaweed from the local beaches as a fertiliser. I can't detect it, but maybe there's a taste of the sea in there, this could have something to do with my addiction! I do love to be beside the sea and as for shellfish, well, you know.

Talking of the sea, if it all goes right tonight there will be a lovely haddock recipe coming early next week. I'm quite excited.

Oh and one last thing, top tip! If you ever have trouble getting the lid off of a jar or bottle, put on a pair or rubber gloves and try, works every time! I discovered this by accident when a jar of capers got the better of me, a rubber glove was the closest thing to hand. Today a jar of pickles got the better of me and one glove just wasn't enough, my pickle predicament required a pair. Worked though, pickles have been devoured.


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