Friday, 25 May 2012

Why Cheese Fondue Is The Perfect Hot Weather Meal

I think I'm melting, I cannot cope with this heat. I thought yesterday was unbearable but today it's even worse. It's definitely not test out recipes weather, the kitchen gets way too hot. I don't want the hob or the oven on, it's already like a sauna in here, they would make it 10X worse. 
If you're a regular reader then you will know of my passion for Cheese Fondue. If you've happened upon this page, hello, my name is Lee and I absolutely love Cheese Fondue! 
There, all up to speed.
I know it's seen as an outdated fuddy duddy meal that belongs in the 70's but that's just silly. Our Cheese Fondue is luxurious and comforting and the best part about having this meal on a hot day? No hob or oven is turned on and the heat that radiates from the pot is minimal, virtually non existent!
You could ask 'why cook anything at all, why not have a salad'?
Well, because we aren't salad people. I find a bowl, even a really good bowl of salad quite uninspiring. Unless of course it's a great Ceasar packed with smoked chicken, anchovies, gluten free croutons and lots of cheese and dressing, then we're talking but in order to smoke the chicken I'd need to turn the hob on. Nah! Fondue is the perfect heatwave food in my opinion, it's leisurely, not much effort required.
You do need an electric fondue pot though, not one with a burner where you have to melt the cheese on the hob, then faff about trying to keep it warm at the table, that's not leisurely. Here's a great one for US readers to check out.
I thought my dinner plan for yesterday was quite inspired. Not only did I get to eat my 5 Cheese Fondue but I also spent minimal time in the kitchen and the apartment got no hotter than it already was. Win, Win!
You can check out my old Cheese Fondue recipe here. The method remains the same but I've altered the ingredients a bit, that's still a good recipe but this is better. We now use 400g of cheese; Roughly, 150g Gruyere, 100g Emmenthal, 80g Taleggio, 50g Camembert, 20g Gouda. 175ml of a wine and lemon juice mix and a tablespoon of corn starch mixed with a light splash of dry white wine.
Another thing that was perfect about having this meal on a really hot day was that the George Foreman grill cooked the mushrooms and croutons and reheated the Fleischwurst and smoked sausage in just a few minutes. There was definitely less heat created than had I turned the hob or regular grill on.
It may be hot be we still have to eat right? Cheese Fondue may not seem like the obvious choice when it comes to hot weather meals but trust me, the minimum effort required here is worth it alone. It's a lazy meal, once the cheese was melted and the dipping ingredients were cooked and reheated, we just vegged out on the sofa and ate. One handed dipping is all that's required!
I'd happily have Fondue again tonight but that wouldn't be fair on my Gorgeous one. I've already given him one nightmarish meal this week, I think I need to make up for that! Tonight's a bit of a mixture and sadly will require using the hob but so long as I can keep sticking my head in the fridge I think I'll be ok. Really quick meal of Hong Kong Style Pork with Jersey Fries and Sweet & Sour Sauce. Told you it was a mixture, all quick though (must take better photo of the pork)! Other option was Crustless Quiche but I really did not fancy having the oven on for 20 minutes or more.
So yes, if you like cheese consider adding an electric fondue pot to your home. Cheese Fondue is a super simple but delicious meal, ready in minutes, doesn't make the home hot, is very relaxed and requires minimal effort. That's definitely my kind of meal for a heatwave!
Back Monday unless I have melted. Have great weekends!

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