Thursday 27 February 2014

Gluten Free Out And About

I'm not doing a great job updating am I? It's been over a week again and yet it feels as though my last post was yesterday. I wish it didn't feel that recent as so too are the memories of.... You know, I still can't bring myself to think about it too much as I can feel my gag reflex limbering up (seriously). Go back to the last post if you don't know what I'm on about.

Nothing much to report of in my gluten free world, certainly nothing exciting. I feel dreadful, not gluten related but due to my own lackadaisical attitude to vitamin and mineral intake. I've been silly. This has resulted in a growing dislike for cooking because I just can't be bothered, I'm sluggish, tired and pretty much washed out, so there's been a lot of The Glutenite's Toasted Cheese Sandwich making going on.

If you're sick of cooking, can't cook or just fancy treating yourself to a nice gluten free meal out I have just the thing for you!
Visit The Site
You may have seen this website, it's a worldwide tool to locate a gluten free meal, find shops that sell gluten free products and has lots of advice about travelling.

The website is cool but DS Gluten Free and Glutafin (who power it) have now brought out a Gluten Free Roads app - who needs Flappy Bird (something I'm actually not addicted to - did I tell you about the Peanut M&M's?)!

Download For Free
For whatever reason I've found it easier to use the advanced search function at the bottom rather than the regular one at the top (I kept getting foreign words attached to my postcode on the basic search - I have no idea). It's not the most cosmopolitan area here so I was surprised to see quite a lot of choice for my location.

I also did a search for Brighton, because I love Brighton and that's been the only* place where I've been able to eat out without consequence. Lots of choices on the app for delightful Brighton.

I then went further afield knowing that I have a lot of readers from the US. Yeah, I really went to town with that search, I actually have a really good geographical knowledge of the States but the best I could come up with was New York (I know). Loads of choice.

If you've not been put off of eating out like I have you are bound to find lots of places that can hopefully accommodate a gluten free diet. If once you've done a place search you find an establishment of interest just click on it and you'll see a map, the address, telephone number and website. I'd always recommend doing your research first, making absolutely sure.

There's gluten free stockist info as well as hotels, plus lots more that I've not even got around to checking out yet. You can also create user reviews which will prove interesting.

It's a freebie so definitely worth checking out if you have an iPhone or Android.

*I did eat safely at Spitalfields Las Iguanas a couple of times but the last time they glutened me and that was the moment that I renounced eating out. Also, Brasserie Blanc, but I don't trust the 'cannot guarantee' warning on the menu.

(I've devoured a punnet of Blueberries whilst writing this so I feel almost human again. Blueberries always make me think of The Smurfs which in turn makes me think back to the early days of Myspace (good grief) when I had a random friend request from a (rather large) man named Brian who was covered in blue paint wearing a white nappy and hat. Why's it always me.)

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