Monday, 3 March 2014

Weekend Eats And Haribo Laughs

And so another working week has begun, it's too boring I need more weekend fun. I didn't intend that to rhyme but it seems kind of fitting for a post that's not really about anything but the random things that speed around my brain.

I have to share this, you may have seen it but watch it again, smile, laugh, it gets me every time.

Good old Haribo making the world a sillier place.

We did our weekly shop at a different store on Saturday, it proved fruitful because we ended up with much wanted Pork Ribs and Poussin, things that we haven't been able to get for an age.

I'd love to share the recipes with you - well the ribs, I'm still holding off with the Poussin due to the constant desire to do a book of some sort - but I've been slack. No photos :(

Next time though, I'm sure we'll be having the ribs again next week and my recipe might even be able to be improved upon. We usually do ribs in sauce (apologies about my terrible photos yet again)  but this time went for a dry rub, it was a bit good, though surprisingly no less messy. Oh, and we always smoke our ribs, we're big fans of stovetop smoking here.

Talking of smoking, for the second week running I have these in my fridge:

smoked sprats
Smoked Sprats
Messy but delicious. I didn't smoke those, they're courtesy of my Dad from the local fishmonger. We usually order lots of these around Christmas but a couple of weeks ago my dear Dad was called over by the fishmonger with a typical - round these parts - beckoning of "ere Lee's Dad, got something you might be interested in". It's not unusual for him to be offered a TV off the back of a lorry but in this instance it was Smoked Sprats from a fishmonger. That's my kind of underworld.

Suppose I'd better get back to the boring work stuff, one more watch of the Haribo ad first though.

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