Friday, 8 October 2010

Gluten Free Eating Out - Brasserie Blanc

Raymond Blanc is one of my all time favourite chefs, so when I found out that he has a chain of restuarants, or rather brasseries that catered for coeliacs, I was over the moon. Brasserie Blanc's can be found in various cities across the UK: London, Cheltenham, Bristol, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Portsmouth and Winchester.

I was a little apprehensive when presented with the gluten free menu as in small print at the bottom it said that the restaurant could not guarantee 100% gluten free. It did cross my mind to leave at that point, because it's just not worth the risk, but the waiter assured me that in the 2 years of waiting tables there, he had never encountered a problem.

I'm going to deviate slightly here, sorry guys...

That's the thing about being a coeliac, Trust. You have to put your full trust in people when eating out, and that isn't easy, after all this is long term health risks we're talking here. I had an experience back in the summer that made me wonder about the lack of  intelligence and common sense of people running restaurants. I'm aware that me being a coeliac and having other allergies on top makes me a touch customer, that's why I get in contact before I go to a restaurant.

Anyways, we just ordered mains and due to my pepper allergy that was a bit of a task as the kitchen weren't making most things from scratch. I went for the giant shell on prawns (safe bet usually) in garlic with minted new potatoes. I'm not usually a fan of boiled potatoes, but seriously, they were the best potatoes that I have ever eaten. The prawns were gorgeous and we ending up having a really lovely, lovely time. We even got to see the man himself as a friend of his was celebrating a birthday.

I'd love to direct you to the Brasserie Blanc gluten free menu but for some reason they don't have it up on the site. Check out the website though. If you are a coeliac, the wonderful Raymond Blanc provides a gluten free menu with loads of tasty options.

I'll definitely be going again, and I'll be ordering those potatoes!


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