Monday 17 February 2014

Oh Dear Warburtons. Oh Dear.

Well. After an unsuccessful shopping trip on Saturday we went out this morning for things we couldn't get at our usual Tesco. We got the water (even The Persian drinks the bottled stuff as the hard water here is vile, (corroded cat concerns)) and the wine (another essential) but the DS Gluten Free bread was nowhere to be found.

We did what now seems unthinkable. We chanced another brand.

I don't know, I said that all the others were cr*p, that there is just no point in even bothering with anything other than DS when it comes to bread, but optimism won. The Glutenite convinced me, "it feels soft" he encouraged. It did but as we will now hopefully never, ever forget, soft does not equate to good.

It showed the usual gluten free bread signs of squished when taken out of the shopping bag and I heard a groan when it began to fall apart when being buttered (Glutenite on duty). I thought it looked okay when I was presented with my toasted sandwich but a few bites in and it was very much not okay. Not. At. All.

warburtons gluten free bread
Not A Pleasant Memory
As I picked a quarter of the toasted sandwich up it was all soggy underneath (wish I'd stopped at this stage). I had a few bites and the overriding taste was that of flour, raw, powdery flour. At this point I heard a swear from the kitchen so I went to look.

gluten free bread
It's comical really looking at that, it's like I'm supposed to think 'well it is gluten free bread, what more can I expect?'. Lots f'ing more Warburtons. LOTS.

Take it from someone who knows good food:

warburtons gluten free bread

It's not just that it fell apart - though that is bad enough - it's the fact that I feel like I've eaten the contents from the floor of a rabbit hutch. Eating this bread has been the lowest point of being gluten free for a very long time. I ridiculously soldiered on eating mine but The Glutenite was so disgusted - after I winced to him "it's so bad I'm pulling faces" and he replied with "me too" - he discarded his almost untouched.

warburtons gluten free bread
That's One Bite From Him
This bread has done me in, I've not stopped gagging since I ate it. There's so many things wrong with this stuff, and the aftertaste, oh, my; the aftertaste is an abomination. I actually don't want to talk about it any more as I think I'm going to become reacquainted with it.

If you are going to eat gluten free bread choose DS Gluten Free. Seriously, don't waste money on others because every single one I have ever tried does not compare to regular bread and apart from the size of the slices, DS does. They aren't asking me to tell you this, I'm always completely honest and opinionated, I'm just trying to do you a favour and save you from the overpriced sh*t that you will encounter if you go down the gluten free bread route without knowing about the real deal (just look at this gorgeous Club Sandwich).

Excuse me while I try to erase all memory of this incident (and try not to be sick).


  1. I've been pleasantly surprised by the Genius seeded rolls this week.

  2. I'm not a fan of Genius so can't say I'm tempted :)

  3. Hi Free From G it's DS! What's your usual Tesco and we will check stock for you? Thank you for the recommendation :)


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